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Clone/Top Autoflowering plants?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by funkymonkey, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. If I were to buy some autoflowering female seeds (Roadrunner by Dinafem seeds) would I be able to clone from the plants? Also, can the autoflowering strains be topped to produce more top colas per plant? The whole from seed to harvest in around 60 days has got me kinda thrown off...
  2. Ok i found out that you can't clone them, but didn't really find anything about topping them....but i am thinking that this would stunt the growth and cause the plant to produce less bud since the plant matures still in 60 days.....if anyone knows, lemme know though
  3. Hi,
    With autoflowering/automatic plants, the time it takes for the plant to grow (say 60 days in your case) is the time it will take the plant to grow.
    What I mean by that, is that autoflowering plants (Cannabis Ruderalis) will live its life cycle in that amount of time, it will not be "fooled" by a 24/0 light cycle (or any other light cycle).
    I know that you can't clone them, but as for topping them, IDK, because I'm not sure if the time it takes for the plant to heal itself from the topping would be too much for it to produce more than an untopped plant.
    So essentially:
    Cloning: NO
    Topping: YES (it is possible, just that I'm not aware as to any benefit in yield with or without topping ruderalis)

    I've never grown an auto strain, so hopefully someone else who has can help you!
    Happy Toking!
  4. I wouldn't top your autoflower.......I would LST, FIM or supercrop it but topping it will remove a valuable budsite. If you're considering topping to allow the plant to get bushier........the above methods work well.
  5. retards if you never tried topping a autoflowering plant then dont answer question about it, an yes it works, i grew 5 autoflower shortryder plants last summer, and i topped 2 of them and both turned out the same, with muiltiple crown buds and harvested an extra half ounce rather than the untopped plants. Only thing is it took an extra week or so to finish but well worth the extra weed

  6. not a nice first post...

    maybe you did help.. but you look like a tool doing it... this is a help forum.. they were trying to help... so did you...but you showed up late the conversation

    next time show some class:smoke:
  7. well said..
  8. I agree with you 99%, but this go around I started an auto from Delicious (cheese) in a DWC and it started flowering right after seedling stage. No idea why. Supposed to be 3rd gen auto, but I moved to veg room and will report if any interest is there. Surprised me to. And the were not pre flowers.

    I want to top this one but with the flowering showing, not sure I should.

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