Clone - to - Mother, what do I do?

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  1. Hey everyone. So I'm a little bummed out; I had saved up seeds for the past couple years and just now had everything set up to start a grow (almost). Beginner's fails just led to my killing the last of my seeds , so I'm thinking my best bet now is to get some quality clones from my local dispensary  

    I only have so much room to begin with, so I was hoping to get a couple clones and maybe try mothering one. 

    Any tips on how best to start a mother?
  2. have you had a successful grow yet?
  3. nope, just starting out.
  4. well the first thing to do is figure out why the seeds didnt work out...clones might get you started but I'd get a few grows in before i tried keeping a mother
  5. Ya,  have a pretty good idea of what went wrong with my first try. But you may be right
  6. Just grow out a good looking clone till its big enough to take clones from.
    If you kill of seeds then your chance of successful cloning is slim.
    2 words "bubble cloner"
  7. lol ya, that's what I meant I think. A plant to get clones from. Not the same thing?
    And tell me more of bubble cloners
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    Yes thats a mother plant,its a plant that stays in veg so in order to have a mother and grow clones up to flower and harvest you need two veg/clone/mother, one flower. When a mother plant gets old you can flower it and keep a clone from it.
    A bubble cloner is the most basic of hydroponic systems. A light proof tub of water with and air pump pumping air into it with a air stone to make fine bubbles. the cut branches go in it and grow roots in a couple weeks and are easy to put in soil or strait into a bigger hydroponic system.
    almost foolproof and can be made for less then $10
  9. Ahh, ok, I forgot that I would need two rooms -- I think might just go with trying to grow a plant to flower, because I really only want to care for at most 2 for starters. 

    And that sounds cool too, but I already was planning for a soil grow. But now I know what a bubble cloner is  :hello:

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