Clone that keeps budding?

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  1. So I took a hand full of clones in flower (roughly a month ago). Most if not all had very very small bud growth, and I have had pretty good results in the past doing this. So all of them are growing fine, but one is very oddly still growing a into a bud. They were put on a 24hr light cycle for the first week or so, then 18/6 after that. All of them have re-vegged, aside from that one. They are all clones from bag seed plants and I really don't understand it(not complaining lol) just find it odd. So has anyone had this happen or heard of it?

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  2. That's cool, what strain is it, I wonder if maybe it has a little bit of autoflower genes in it

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  3. could have been the switching from the 24 hours to the 18 hours veg ,,ive read about that happening in one of Ed Rosanthals books ,,,it just some times happens when they have been on 24 hours light ,,,mac,,
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  4. Thanks For the replies. I have no idea on the genetics, but all of the plants that I took clones from where photo's ( they switch to flower when I changed the light cycle). I just wonder if leaving it under the veg light will eventually re-veg it (if so that plant will take forever to harvest lol) or if the bud will just keep growing?
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    if you put them back on 24 hours light they should start revegin again ,,,mac,,
    PS or you could just flower them out on 12/12 light schedule , ive just looked at picture you posted i dont think its worth trying to reveg them just let them flower i didnt know that they were that far in to flower ,so flowr them out take the buds or bud off ,but leave a couple of lower small buds on the plant and then reveg them on 24 hours after you have taken the buds you want off them ,,mac
  6. Thanks for the reply man. That's not a whole plant, just one clone(about 4in tall) that the tiny bud on top just keep budding. All of the clones I took were from flowering plants, but the buds if they had any on them were very small..... they have been on an 18/6 light cycle since about a week after I cut them and for the first week they were on a 24hr light cycle. I've taken quite a few clones from flowering plants and they have always reveged under the 18/6 cycle...... until now and it's just one of 12, all of the others have already reveged. I have never reveged a plant after harvest, but could be cool to try sometime.
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  7. itsas easy taking clones from a harvested plant just leave some lower buds on 18 -24 hourslight and little shoots will appear with twisted leaves on the shoots it will then make the usual 3-5 fingered leaves ,when large enough cut shoots off use as clones ,,,or you could change the soil around the root ball of the plant withn fresh potting mix .put in veg as before like before let lots on new shoot grow and when tall enough put the plant in to flower saves taking clones and you;l get buds forum ,its a bit faster doing that that waiting for clones to make roots,,mac,,
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