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  1. A few months ago I started 5 plants in a stealth box, they had a hard start. I was gone when they sprouted through the soil so they stayed in the dark for a few days, so I came home to long white floppy stems laying in the soil.

    After much care and much wire to stand them up, they all became healthy plants. They were growing away on CFL's and all natural soil.

    Sadly, a few times they went without water, sometimes for up to a week at a time. The plants became very sick after this and really were never the same again. Tons of leaves started to die, but then they made a bit of a comeback.

    Flowering started, and all but 1 of my plants were male. So I tossed them out, and held onto my female the best I could.

    Again in flowering, there was another weekish period of no water, where the plant became very sick again. I tried to bring it back, and burned it with Superthrive on accident. I was really shit up a creek, but buds were growing so I decided to try to keep it alive till the buds were ripe.

    Time came to harvest, almost all leaves were dead but the buds were decent sized. Cut it all, dried it, and put it in a jar. Filled a 2lb Applesauce jar 3/4 of the way full of buds, not bad for the first time and a horrible plant. Buds were very fluffy and I can't seem to get a dank smell from them, but they smoke great.

    I read about revegging plants and since I did not want to end up with a bunch of males again, I put the lights back on 24/7 and hoped for the best. A bunch of tiny leaves poped out, then they all promptly died in a matter of 2 or so days. I decided to abandon this plant and start fresh.

    Ideally what I would like to do is take cuttings from each of my new plants (going to do 3) then send the mommas into flower. Keep the cuttings that are from females, etc. However I can not do this since I only have 1 small area to work with, I can not have a separate veg box and flower box. I also got some auto watering equipment, little ceramic cones that go into the dirt that water passes through when the soil gets dry.

    What would you suggest? I do not want to keep restarting from seed every time, however I do not see revegging working all that well since almost all of the leaves get cut off when you clip off all of the buds.

  2. Bump, anyone?

    Should this be in advanced since it deals with reveg/cloning?
  3. Problem with re vegging is time it will take to rejuvenate and will not be as vigorous next time, and what you experienced b/c either you let it go too long before changing or clipped to much off, or that variety just does not respond well.
    I do not think the growth u saw after 2days was long enough takes about week to see first results 1 blade leafs like the first true set
  4. If you're looking to save a female clone, here's the break down.

    If the cutting has buds on it, at ALL (any white hairs at all), it needs constant light for about 2 weeks, under damn perfect conditions. It won't grow at all those 2 weeks, lose almost all it's color...

    But if it makes it, they'll re-root. Eventually. And then re-vegetate past the buds. Consequently the buds there will finish in this time, though not into anything worth saving.

    If your plant hasn't been flowering...then take a cutting, put it in a moist cube, keep it really humid (plants get water through the leaves and humidity when developing roots), and give it light 24/7. It'll root and you'll have a clone.
  5. Well theres your problem right there!

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