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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Kro-Nesis, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. If I used the cuttings from an Female, when I choose to clone it, I should get nothing but FEMAILES RIGHT?

    (This is the Red Fusion) I have been working on since November. I had a lil run in with some lighting issues and the firt one died, but I hated to throw it out, becuase FRIST IT WAS A WEAK ass dude! Second the stems went from green to purple, to a vibrant red hue. I had my mouth tuned the fuck up to smoke em one day, but his sack showed out, and I snatched the life outta his *ss!

    My next projects are called:

    Mint-Al Stimulation- I'm mixing a 100% pure peppermint extract with some water so the the daughter-of-a-B*tch flowers, MINT WILL RULE!

    Bluez Clues - Using a Blue extract with water and blueberry extract for flavor.

    Papaya Punch - Yeah you guessed it, Papaya extract and Fruit Punch mix in the water. I'll have to experiment with this one. I'm afraid this maybe the one that sells. If it goes well I'm selling this one at $300/ qtr. Kats round here willing to pay the same for some Babbish ass weed, So why not take advantage?

    hey but if anyone can answer my intgial question, I would prosh8 it. Sorry kinda buzzed right now!
  2. u can put shit in the plant's water and it'll taste like whatever u put in the water? that really works?
  3. @xxkmanxx

    I wouldn't suggest that you put shit in the water. Too many wastes. But you can use it as fertilizer, Very high in Nitrogen.

    If you are planning to flavor your buds, I'd suggest flavor extracts from local grocery. Or if you'd prefer flavoring while curing (works pretty well) after you have harvested your crop, place in an air tight container with a lemon, orange, nectarine peels. Even banana peels works pretty solid.
  4. ok, coo

  5. hey kro-nesis,

    u didnt actually think that he wanted to flavor his weed with shit did ya?

  6. that would be nice tasting weed eh lol j/k man that would be some gross tasting weed if u flavored it with shit lol
  7. lol, that would be nasty :)
  8. how do you really know tho...
    everyone says this tastes like shit or wutever when sumthin tastes bad but wouldnt it be really ironic if shit actually tasted good?
  9. ya know no matter how hard i try i just cant picture shit tasteing good lol :)
  10. ya, i think shit would taste like shit :)
  11. lol yes i also think shit would just taste like shit:)
  12. I REMEMBER ASKING U GUYS WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF U PUT CUT UP FRUIT IN UR SOIL?? i didnt do it, just curious.. will the nutrients help?
  13. thanks assholes for replying to my post!!! haha just kidding... anyways.. yea i think it would taste like POO if u flavored it with Poo... why doesnt somone try to mix with water.. VANILLA extract.. i would try somthing like that but all i have is 1 plant, and my luck she will die.. cool idea though.. what would happen if u put Food Coloring in ur water.. i remember when i was a kid i used to put blue food coloring into a vase that had flowers, and it would turn the lowers blue..

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