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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SmknVTEC, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. Hi folks,

    I have dedicated a nice female Power Plant as the cloning mother. She is 14 inches tall and has many side branches. She is only six weeks old. My question is wether I should go for one of those nifty clone machines found here:
    I am looking at the one that holds 20 plants. This is a good company. I bought my hps and a fan here. Is this something that could work well?
    Thanks as always
  2. all u need is clone hormones (u can get at walmart) soil, perlites, a container with a plastic cover, flourecents bulbs, and a mister.... alll these can be get at walmart... most u will spent is 20 dollars since most of the sutff u already have...
  3. 420,
    I assume that the plastic cover to go over the container is not air tight. Better yet, since this is my first attempt maybe I should not make any assumptions. Could you take me through the step by step process to cloning with the items you just listed. I know that you make your cutting at a 45 degree angle to the branch and emerse it in some water that contains root booster along with a fungal inhibiter of some kind. That would cover the container and of course spray them often and give them 24 hours of lower wattage light, but what is the cover for? Thanks man.
  4. why not jus water clone?

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