Clone looks funny or does it? **pics inside**

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    Well I finally put my fans into my grow box it dropped the temps dramatically about 98< to about 85-86. And I also changed my bulbs out to 5000k.
    Other 2 clones look great! and even my seedling it growing alot more with the good air flow and temps. But Im just worried about one clone

    Should I even be tripping?
    How about the drooping bottom set leaves on most all plants

    Close ups of the clone seems like the leaves are tilted

  2. From where I'm sitting they look good, and I've seen my share of on the way out the door clones. Those temps do seem a little high though, unless your using Co2. How far along are they ?
  3. bought and transplanted 5/14
    i need to put some other fans but it seems like they are okay with the heat.
    im just worried cause it doesnt want to face its fan leaves towards the light.

    I also want to water but Im afraid of over watering.
  4. in my experience i had a plant that was super droopy didnt want to do nothing stem was super bendy top 2 nodes were bent comletely so the top was facing the soil.. i cna only check my grow 2 times a day i scare jsut hoping it didnt die trasnplanted from sand to soil fed them nutes let them sit for 2 days and it stayed droopy for about 3 days then perked up reaaaal nice :) so be paitient just sorta help it facethe light more it will work out :D hpefully
  5. If it's only been four days I wouldn't start to worry yet. Probably just a little shock from transplanting. Give it a week, be kind to them and they should start growing for you. Did you buy them as just a cutting, a rooted cutting , in soil all ready ? I've never bought clones so I dont know.

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