clone is very sick

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    DWC Grow
    res temp 17c
    200w T5 HO mixed spectrum, distance from plant: 2ft
    260ppm (tap 170, nutes 90ppm)
    ph 5.9
    new clone with root mass

    i started with 350ppm at 5.9ph same res temp same lighting..etc plant was looking good (newly added to res)
    2 days later I upped res to 560ppm as the plant was drooping, i thought nutes were too low. i also thought the was the start of a cal def. so I upped the ph to 6.2 to take in more calcium.

    2 day after plants looked worse so i thought my nutes were too high, so i replaced some res water with fresh water and reduced res to 370ppm and ph to 5.9

    today plants still look bad so reduced res to 260ppm, ph 5.9. i did notice that the top of the plant, the leaves were more perky.

    i noticed as well when i started the stem looked normal, but slowly the entire stem started to turn purple (see pictures). once i took ph back down 2 days ago to 5.9 from 6+ i think the purple started to go away.

    lighting and res temp has stayed the same since the beginning

    oh i also today flushed the netpot and hydroton with the ph'd 5.9 water

    any ideas would be appreciated.

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  2. Hi.. nitogen normally shows in purpple stalks and then yelliw leaves if a deficency. Im not an expert but look into a nitrogen def. i av ad it in past wen dun evwrything y boik etc wi nutes but still got a nitrogen def. I added mono? Nitrogen i think it was.. pls check though before ya gi em anything cos like i said .. im not an expert and only goin by my experience if wen it happened to me once. Deficencies or-and lick outs are a night mare and alot of def-lickouts show simular characturistist to each other via leafs etc. Gud luck love. Check nitro out and hope goes well xx
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  3. Lol
    Ecxuse my spelling and the lickout ment lokc out .. lol sorry . Genium mustake x
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  4. Also as below love. Check its warm enough and a t5 cud go a bit lower too. Chek this out wi sum one else too but sure cud be closerr and a tad bit warmmer xx
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  5. I would foliar feed them a light nute mix...get it under the leaves
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  6. I've never done this, can you guide me on how to do that? what is considered light nutes? do i use a spray bottle? thanks!
  7. I have another bank of lights i could turn on too another 200w, i was trying to go easy on her. so you suggest lowering the light and do you think another 200w would be good, so total 400w T5 HO?
  8. At min use yr t5 but lower . Try and get temp about 22 to 25 ^ as lower temps can sometimes create sum trace element deficencys. Ie magnese etc love. As said as by tintizzy a foliar spray under leafs gud but carefull not to burn em . Just before lughts off spray wi lite nute mix under leaf and at nearly light on spray water on to prevent any burning. keep ya ph good and dont over water and shud be ok love . Let us no how ya get on x ps lite nutes about a quater of wat says on bottle and mix wi ph water in spray bottle. So if example nutes say 4 ml a liter just put 1 mil per liter in . Hope this helps x
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  9. Ps. Im not hydro expert either but id go down a tad wi ph. Check first but may be just a few pionts . 5.6 ish... check first as not my usual method ... xx
  10. I dont ph the water the nutes lower it a bit anyways...just use the npk nute if it has the micros in it need for additives
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