clone in the mail?

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  1. hey guys, i have some cherished genetics that id rather not lose.
    searching on google hasn't yielded much, so ill try here.

    what would be the best courier to overnight a clone with?
    how should i pack it? (rooted in rockwool)

    also, please dont suggest that i send seeds; i want
    THIS pheno.
  2. Hmmm, I would try giving a call to a local nursery or flower store and just talk to them about it, say it's an orchid or something and ask what they recommend and how they would pack it. My guess is most places will be more than happy to help you out.
  3. Good luck with that. My suggestion is throwing a bundle of like 20 of them and just throw em in a box... And atleast one of them will be no damaged enough to grow, lol.

    Other than that plants weren't meant to go through the mail. You could always put bubble wrap around the stem/leaves and pack it in a box.
  4. if it makes it there alive let us no how u sent it??
  5. will do. i think the answer lies not so much in how it's packed, but how fast it can get there.

    i think im going to pack the clone itsself in a lightbulb box, rockwool under the little light holder + holes to help retard mold.

    but what to do with the lightbulb box. maybe ill bubble that and put it in a larger box?
  6. Here's an excerpt from GardenWeb:

    To ship plants within the borders of your own country is easy. Youshould always use a box. An envelope gets too crushed. The plant shouldhave as much soil removed as is possible without doing any damage tothe roots (this makes it lighter and less expensive to ship). The rootsshould be wrapped in damp newspaper or paper towels, and then the rootsand wrapping can be placed in a plastic bag that is loosely tied on.Poke a few small holes in the bag. Line the box with crushed newspaper,place the plant in, and place more crushed up newspaper on top. Mailthe box immeadiatly using priority or express mail. Regular mail cantake up to two weeks - the plant would almost certainly arrive dead ifit has to wait that long.

    If the plant is really small, ordoesn't have much of a root system, or it's too fragile, I've foundthat shipping plants in their pots is best. Make sure the soil is damp,but not wet. I find it best to give the pot some sort of lid. A fittedplactic one with a hole cut in it for the plant to poke through, orcling/saran wrap one held on with a rubber band (also with a hole pokedin the top). This keeps the soil from drying out, and falling out. Ilike to secure the container to the botton of the box with largequantities of packing tape, and use no padding - it can come loose andbang around, injuring the plants. Just make sure the pots are*securely* attached to the box. If you want or need to use padding toprotect the leaves or stems, then make sure it won't shift around. Putlots of this end up markings on the outside of the box - sometimes youcan get stickers at the post office.

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