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  1. if you take clones early after sexing, during flowering stage, do you need to put them back in veg? i thought you just needed to establish roots in indirect light for a week or 2 then put into 12-12. i'm getting mixed advice.

    thnx, p
  2. Yep bro clones have to go into VEG and its better to take them and faster if you take them of a mother who is in veg at the time.

    Hope this helps Good luck:smoking:
  3. you should take clones after you have sexed plants or know that they are females, this is the case with taking a clone from a clone. once the plants are sexed, then you put the mother plants back into the vegetative state so go from 12/12 to 18/6 and after you reveg them for a couple weeks to a month, you take cuttings. you dont want to take cuttings from a flowering plant because it will stress the clone too much and as you may know high levels of stress= no good lol
  4. When you start with a seed. grow the plants out big enough to clone... take clones... root them... then put the clones into flower... this will tell you which ones are female without putting mommy into flower... then trash the males clone the females and start your grow...
    when you put a plant into flower then back to veg it takes a LONG time for them to adjust..
    the way ive explained above is faster. once you have all females life is easy...

    GOOD luck bro

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