Clone goes limp after first night in flower.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Wiggla, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. ok everything was fine with it while in veg. I just got it though (2 days in veg total). Roots were out the bottom of a 2" rockwool cube (pretty deep). This morning, after putting the clone in flower yesterday, I got up to check it and everything was limp. It has been about 7 hours since then and it is still pretty limp. This is a DWC setup and there was water in the res.

    Anyone ever had this happen? I hope so cuz then I could fix it.
  2. The only thing I can think of is maybe they need a little longer vegging. What did u change? Maybe it's in the nutes? Hope u fix it dude. Good Luck.
  3. are you using differnt lites for clones and flowering, sounds like lite stress
  4. Firstly I'd like to say thanks for responding guys I hate waiting and waiting for responses that sometimes never come.
    I didn't change anything in the nutes (same exact container). It wasn't in veg for more than two days but since roots were out of the bottom of the cube, I thought it was certain it had survived. The light used in veg is a 125watt cfl and the flower light is a 150watt hps; so I guess it could be either not mature enough or light stress (because it's not mature enough). Today the tops/branches have risen back up but there is a nitrogen defeciency because the bottom leaf yellowed completely in one day. The sunleaves are still bowing but I assume within 3 more days it will be back to normal. What's funny is I got two in one day and the larger clone with a more established root system is the one that I put in flower, leaving the smaller one in veg 24/0. Now the smaller one is larger with a more established root system.

    Thanks guys
  5. It's most likely the heat from the bulb, I learned about this from Brokencage. If you can germinate in the Sun, a 150 hps isn't anywhere close to the intensity of the Sun.

    So it isn't light intensity as much as it is heat and also totally different light which it isn't used to. It doesn't need to mature, it needs to be acclimated to the new HPS, by keeping the light high, like 2 1/2 feet for a few days and dropping it to 2 feet for a couple more and then keep dropping every few days 6 inches until it's at the proper height. Rabiez talks about how it's important all the time too that's another grower on here I've heard it from- that hps needs to be introduced to the young plants instead of right away blasting them.

    I'm pretty sure it's heat and red light being different than it's used to though. Just take the light up high and bring it down slow to keep them from freaking out next time. Maybe add some blue cfl too to keep them from totally freaking out over the new red light, it would help I think.
  6. I believe it was stressed from the lites, it was an abrupt change and they need to be acclimated, raise the lites to 2.5 ft and lower them a few inches a day till your about 12" away

    you can also give the recovery plant a shot of vitamin B1 to perk it up

    1 drop SUPERthrive per cup of water, water wilting plant

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