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  1. :hello:
    In any event my tent is bursting with potential clones. Anyone have any ideas how to build the Dome they all seem to need when they first begin. Ive had enough of machines and other expensive ways of raising clones. Ive got an old stereo amplifier to keep them warm, peat plugs and coco coir to coddle the roots, rooting powder, plenty of 5100 k CFLs and an MH bulb.

    But the Dome has me confounded. Its gotta be sealed and hold humidity. Saran Wrap and Bamboo sticks do not seem the way to go.

    Any ideas for a Dome?

  2. Yes Use a 5 gallon tub with saran wrap on top. It does not need to be 100% air tight but tight enough to hold moisture in. A few leaks will still allow for high moisture.

    Also home depot sells small domes.
  3. Bucket of water, with holes in the lid. Some type of foam (light styrafoam would work) to hold the cuttings in place, and a fish tank air pump is all you need to build a simple bubble cloner. No dome needed.

  4. Seems like an idea. With holes in what lid?
  5. The bucket of water.., look up bubble cloners in the DIY section.

  6. cool:smoke:
  7. I have a buddy that makes individual clone domes. Colored party cup with a clear party cup on top for the dome. Gotta open them to replace the air a little more regular, but I've seen it work. :smoke::bongin:

  8. But despite the labor, it might work:smoke:
  9. I like to use the plastic containers cakes/cupcakes come in... fairly cheap clear plastic and you get a cake/cupcakes too.... win-win


  10. LMFAO....
    Ya cupcakes are good for your belly...

    I've used the Dart 12HDLC Clear High Dome Lid...
    They're 12"es and perfect for the DIY bucket Ez-Cloners...


  11. It works and actually made cloning fun, before I got into the bubbler my success rate was rotten, now it's in the 90's


  12. Problem is I got an 85% rate in a tub with saran wrap with Coco
    Problem is I cant change when its goin so good :)

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