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  1. can i take a clone from a plants thats outside, 2 weeks(?) into flowering, then switch the light cycle to 12/12 indoors?
  2. yes you can
  3. I believe you can, but chances of survival drop quite a bit.
  4. I've experimented with it and it works well actually. I've taken a plant that was in full flowering for over a month, put some cloning powder on the little baby clone, stick it right in some soil, put a cup above it to retain some moisture and within 4-5 days they have had roots like a mofo.

    I think they actually clone quicker if in flowering.

    I then put the clone right back into 12/12 once it developed roots and it bloomed very nicely.
  5. yeah it works just as good, you just need to make sure you get some of the lower branches with less fruiting. One that was blocked from the light.
  6. I agree, it seemed a lot faster with lower branches within the first couple of weeks of cloning, So I have been told ;)
  7. If you want it to flower right after rooting that's fine, but if you want to veg it's not good at all. They have to revert back to veg and it takes a couple weeks.

    If you are working with a sativa or something that doesn't need veg time indoors it would be fine.
  8. 18/6, 20/4, or 24 hr light will be needed for 1st 1O days to allow rooting.

    2 extra weeks is correct to get them out budding and back to veg.

    they clone better after being in 12/12. reason is N. not so much N after couple weeks of 12/12, and i swear the extra 4 hrs of light is a boost reg clones dont get. plus hormones produced in 12/12 helps.
  9. all right and wrong you need to pull clones when you see first sign of sex
    why would you pull lcones in veg if you got a male plant? make sense?
    pull clones at first sight of sex positive id your mammas and clone that whore
    youre clone survival rate isnt very high to begin with unless u use good cloning solution
    also i beleive the older the plant the harder to clone
    if you have a real woody stalk clones dont shoot well

    like cloning an outdoor crop low success rate

    ...ya feel me:hello:

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