Clipse - Road to Till the Casket Drops[Free Mixtape/Legal]

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  1. Seriously, no one is interested in a new FREE Clipse offering? This is a crew that's legitimately talented but there are like 15 topics about 'Lil Wayne... something's off here.
  2. Is this any good? I'm a Clipse fan, but their latest mixtape [We Got It For Cheap Volume whatever] was a disappointment.

    But on the subject of Virgina rappers, I want Fam-Lay's debut album to drop.
  3. It's definitely better than the one you're referring to(vol 3).

    Album's going to be nuts.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Clipse present Re-Up Gang "Fast Life" official explicit vide[/ame]
  4. I'm not a huge fan of The Clipse. I own Hell Hath No Fury, but I dont really like their style. They lack flow. They seem to be going for a mobb deep type of sound but they pale in comparison (or maybe not cuz mobb deep sucks now too).
  5. HHNF isn't the album to be listening to if you're not a fan, it certainly won't convert anyone. I personally wasn't into it and I enjoy almost everything Clipse.

    Check out Lord Willin' and We Got it 4 Cheap Vol 2.

  6. Aight, will do.

    But Im confused, I thought Hell Hath was supposed to be their best work? Didn't it get like a XXL?
  7. It was critically hailed as a masterpiece but you'd be hard-pressed to find a fan who agrees. The production on that album is really flat IMO. They excel over more vibrant, kinetic beats, a la Lord Willin'.
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    i fucks with the clipse but i already got this

    its a great mixtape btw. highly recommend it

    "the coke that i push is as pure as a childs heart" them boys is cold as fuck

  9. Classic. :smoke:
  10. your right lord willin is a classic.
    theyre very underrated too..

    cant wait to cop the cd, i got this mixtape already lol
  11. This thread was posted on my b-day, haha.

    And yea Lord Willin' was a classic album. I was actually just recently listening to it again.
  12. haha me 2..whennn the last time u hearddd it like thisss
  13. we got it 4 cheap vol 2 shits on any mixtape in this decade
    I havent really heard the new shit though, i'll check it out

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