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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Continue?, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Nah. Just fucking with yah.

    Anyway, sup. Lurking here for a week, reading through the grow guides and decided to sign up seeing as it's the only way to see the attached images. =/ The site looks awesome, filled with info and chill people.

    About myself, 18 years old from sunny Cape Town, South Africa. yeah.

  2. welcome to the city :wave:

    I have a friend who was born in South Africa too that's pretty funny lol
  3. Yeah, that's quite common these days - What with S.A's not so colourful past. But it's awesome now, especially for tokers - It's still illegal, but Police here is just so busy with some of the more serious crimes (or in reality, just ridiculously lazy) that it's no big deal.

    Growing is easy here, nice and sunny, people here usually have bigger living area's and bigger more private yard's.

    And thanks, awesome to be here.
  4. Welcome to the city! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

    Just one little thing I'd like to mention, and that's that your sig is out of the limits here. You may have an image or text, but not both. And if you have an image it can only be 300x125 pixels and 20Kb or less. Thanks! :)
  5. Hey there, looking forward to your stories and picture contributions! Ain't it great to pour over the albums here??! I love 'em.

  6. so do i gotta give you my address or something? how am i gonna get my weed?

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