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Clever Pipe Names

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by My Fax, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Herbert Bowlstein
    Kermit D. Bowl
  2. my pipe (Vincent Van Bowl) looks like the sky in the painting "Starry Nights"
  3. this is archibald, i love him so much.


    this one is always referred to as the monster bowl. the glas is really thick, it is very possible to knock someone out with this pipe :p


    next is my peace pipe. it folds in half so no weed falls out, perfect for my nature walks where i put the pipe in my pocket without finishing the bowl.

  4. Bong-kong-phooey (my brother's)
    Guybrush Threepwood
    Gary Coleman's cock
  5. The Jolly Green Giant-it has acouple different greens and a big bowl
  6. My Chillum is named Athena, after my dead bearded dragon :( and I have yet to find a proper name for my glass spoon.
  7. Piece Witherspoon - friends spoon bowl

    Dr. Feel Good - other friends bong

    Bitch(named cause of the silhouettes and kisses on it, and you can say "Joe bring the bitch") - 1 foot long version of the blue 2footer in Grandmas Boy that has silhouettes of women and kisses on it

    Sgt. Cornwallis - friends brothers bong

    The Flinstoner - Spoon

    Rafiki - friends spoon

    Mr Miyagi - friends bubbler that broke

    I cant think of any others
  8. Yob - My big blue 2ft bong

    My brand new pipe (as of today) still needs to be named, however.
  9. My first spoon was named Dr. Seuss, and It fell out of my lap when I was giving someone a hug. :( My new spoon I didn't name, and probably won't.

    RIP Dr. Seuss
  10. The two current pipes I have left are Chef Boyardee, which is a sherlock that looks like a chefs hat when you look at it upside down, and Stanley the Steamer, which is a steamroller.
  11. Nemo (RIP) New comer of orange and white
    Squidwerd (RIP) Blue bubbler shaped like Squidwerd's nose
    The Hombre
    The Unknown Soldier (RIP) Broken too fast to be named
    Little Ralphy Present from bro
    Bang Bus (RIP) Two footer acryllic with bang bus sticker on front
    Dori (RIP) Blue bong bought in Mexico for 20 bucks
    Frosty Two foot glass on glass
    Moneybags Little green acryllic
    Budasaurus (RIP) Double water chamber that totally looked like a brontasaurus (sp?)

    Wooden Piece Suggest this for anyone who really tokes
    Little eyebrow burner (blue)

  12. lmfao i can see how that sounds like the spanish way to say it but its fucking hillarious:smoking:
  13. i had a pipe named cringe cause it was a nose burner (since jacked)
    a bubbler named nudibranch (scientific for sea slug)
    a bong named sweet fancy moses.
    a little piece called the golgi apperatus
    hookah- dr carmicheal
    bong- debra kadabra (but we call her aldeebra)
  14. Van Buren- Glass CCG Spoon, baked as fuck when I made this
    Heiny- Metal Heineken Pipe, belonged to my good friend Pete, he left it to me after he was put in jail
  15. The best name???

    The Danknest Monster.
  16. here's a quick run-down:

    hookah, purchased in vegas down in the mall at stratosphere: Billy Bong Thornton, just in honor of half baked.

    Pipe with big bulges on the way to the tip (hard to explain, but easy if you see it): Ribbed for your Pleasure

    pipe purchased in mexico, made of stone, shaped like a skull: skulltula, in honor of ZELDA!

    Green/blue bong, recent purchase: The Incredible Hulk, duh
  17. My sister named her first bowl Pretty Nugget. (its acually named after a chicken nugget, not ganja)
  18. Devon
    Jenna Jameson
    Racquel Darrian

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