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Clever Pipe Names

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by My Fax, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Alright, well I'm working in a new town now, and with a new town comes new slang. Their slang on pipes is especially funny.

    Bowl Burner
    Nug Gobbler

    Anybody got some others? I was laughing pretty hard when I heard those.
  2. Billy Bong Thorton
    Wesley Pipes

    lol half baked
  3. th Underwater Elephant. Its my small 2 foot acryllic bong's name. If you blow into the femal piece a certain way it makes the soun dof an underwater elephant.
  4. our bong is the neil patrick harris... in honor of harold and kumar!


  5. My lil 2in pipe is a smooth, white rock and I call her "Little Pearl". And my friend's currently got his black PVC bong "Black Mamba" chillin at my house.
  6. My pieces are named:

    The Rip Queen
    Officer Marils
    Peter North
    Swish (RIP)
    Cottonmouth (RIP)
    Venom (RIP)
    Glass Onion (RIP)
  7. Smokealotapotamus
  8. Teh pipesticle.

    Heh I suck with names.
  9. Grim -pipe
    Edison - light bulb vaporizer (clever right?)
    No dice - bubbler
    Coffer -bong
  10. My pipes name is Jose, after a puppet from a comic act I saw on TV. He had a talking jalepeno on a stick(named Jose), and since my pipe is shaped like a jalepeno pepper...:) My two previous pipes *RIP* were Crayola (orange and green sherlock) and Iggy (kinda blue-purple-littlebitofpink-ish coloured spoon. With some yellow.)

    I never did name my bong... not sure why.
  11. mighty joe bong
  12. Thor's Hammer-spoon
    Jolly Rodger-sherlock
    unnamed chillum

  13. "My name is Jose jalepeno.......on a STICKKKK!" haha funny guy.
  14. My screen name is my bubblers name, a bunch of my friends and I were blazed as shit and we coulden't figure out how to say "two in a row" in spanish :confused: so we call the bubbler "dose in a rose":p
  15. My pipe is named Dr. Phil.

    ya know, like Dr. Phil-my-pipe-up

  16. I got a few pipes and a couple names.

    Little Wooden Boy - Small wooden pipe given to me by a friend, only used once.
    Garbacho - My only Glass pipe, not sure why its called that, but its funny.
    Old Blue - My brothers old pipe, lasted a long time and is now used for grabbing weed and dumping it into other bowls, lol. Also it used to be a pen pipe, but we lost the eraser and the actual pen piece.
    Jason Baker - My favorite pipe. Biggest bowl I have, simple to use, and hits like a champ. It needs a new screen every so often, but I have a ton of clean ones lying around. My favorite thing about this thing is that it comes with a bowl cover, so I can carry it with a full bowl, perfect for toking on the go!
    Mini Bong - I love this thing, although it has a tendency of burning your nose if you use it wrong. Its basically a bean dip can turned into a portable bong. Its not without its drawbacks though. It doesn't produce great big rips, the original bowl is small, and on occasion you can get a mouth full of water ( A LOT OF WATER!). Another thing that is good about it is that you can hide shit in it, and it acts as a sort of stash, you only need to fill it with water and your good to go!
  17. Popeye - my old wooden pipe with a GIGANTIC pack

    Popito - smaller version of Popeye

    Airbender - small one hitter made out of a trippy metal pen casing

    Milkymon - A gigantic, clumsy two liter bong that set me on my journey with marijuana, named so because we got high as shit and watched the digimon movie.

    Crucial Geeb - an ocean spray cranberry juice bottle with a 1/2 inch socket in top of it and a screen job that allowed for maximum pullage. Fully raised geebs on this thing were most commonly shared, because one was often too crucial. unfortunately it's now locked in my crawl space.

    Tetragrammageeb/Tetragraviton (undecided which it should be) - the replacement for the crucial geeb, smaller, more efficient bowl pack and on a 2 liter instead of the cranberry juice bottle.

    Bub-janksk (no typo) - An old glass milk bottle with a gatorade lid attatched on top. It was always completely ghettofied and we have not repaired it since we took it apart to improve it, but when it worked, it crushed. Bowl on top of a marker which ran just inside of the cap, two straws melted to work as... a straw... for the smoke. just too ghetto though.

    Pablo - Small metal one-hitter good for personal seshes. Also my dead hamster's name.

    Yellow - a soda bottle with an angled blunt tube penetrating from the side and bending 45 degrees to send the closed (round, unopenable) end of the blunt tube into the water. It's diffused by way of heating a needle and poking lots of small holes in the submerged end of the tube, hits crucially and you wouldn't expect it. gigantic carbs gives zero drag.

    And the PHX we're getting here soon will be named Layla, because our friend's bong is named Lucy after Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, and the song Layla has amazing lyrics if you think about Layla being a bong. (darling won't you ease my worried mind...)

    Far from a majority of those are clever but there's an undetailed list of a lot of the pieces that I've had
  18. hahaha, that's excellent
  19. Well, our pipe, has quite a history. Me and a buddie got really baked, and named it the terminator. It's been passed down through friends and someday I hope it makes it back to meeee. :) When me and my buddy bought it, it was clear, it was almost fully covered, except for the mouth piece last time we saw it.
  20. My brothers one bowl looks like a pipe from sherlock holmes so we call it the sherlock.

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