clear water on the last week of harvest with two plants?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by widdle wem, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I have two plants growing in a DWC tank that I've been using a lucas formula on for the past months now.

    I remember reading that it's a good idea to use clear water, with no nutes, the last week before harvest, as the nutes can sometimes leave a taste in the bud.

    The problem is that the two plants I have in the DWC have apparently become very different: the Pineapple Chunk should be ready to harvest in about a week, but the Jack 33 still has another month and a half or thereabouts before I have to start thinking about harvesting it.

    would doing a week of fresh water hurt the jack 33? or should I just not even worry about it affecting the Pineapple Chunk? How truly bad is it to smoke bud that had nutes in it's last week before harvest?

    Thanks in advanced guys, you're awesome.
  2. follow up question because I totally forgot (sorry for double posting):

    I also have FloraKleen I was thinking about using, and totally forgot I had it. I guess the same questions go for this; would it hurt the still flowering Jack 33?

    These plants have been sucking up water like nobody's business, I have to refill 4 gallons every week to week and a half, so the Jack 33 would probably only be in the florakleen and/or fresh water solution for that long, and I would harvest the Pineapple Chunk right before I refill the reservoir with nuted water.

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