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  1. I have a low flyer auto from crop king that is almost 70 days old it has a bunch of coke can size buds on it the leaves are starting to brown it post to be done in 60 days the trics r still clear i been flushing it for almost 2 weeks should i keep letting it grow r harvest it it's not getting any bigger ?
  2. Will the high be good with clear trics i heard some people say that some autos stay clear ...
  3. From what I understand, if you harvest the bud too early (clear trics) then you get a more anxious, energetic high. If you harvest too late (amber trics) then you get super sleepy bud. If you harvest at the right time (milky white trics) then the bud is at its best.

    So theoretically you COULD harvest early. But if its way too early it could totally screw you. I'd say wait until you see most of the trics turn milky white.

    What are you using to check them? Magnifier glass? Microscope? Naked eye?
  4. A 60 times lupe
  5. I'd give it another week, maybe two if you feel like being patient, then I'd just harvest it.
  6. Thanks

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