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  1. I want to hand paint my clear bong and I want to know what the best glass paint would be or any clear coats or spray paint? help! Thanks!
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  2. etching creme primer then acrylic paint and clear coat with floor polymer
    strictly external mind you
  3. etching creme chemically micro-etches the glass so the paint n clearcoat'll stick
  4. Etching cream ?
  5. LOL did he stutter?!?! Yeah, etching cream. Glass is smooth and paint may dry on it, but it won't usually stick to it. Etching creme roughs the glass so it will hold the paint, sort of like sanding a surface.
  6. When glass is frosted, and you can't see through it, that's the micro-etching they're talking about.

    Although if you want to skip that step, just means you'd have the opportunity to repaint different designs, since the paint will eventually wear off

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  7. *Warning, etching cream does NOT make for a good lube substitute. Trust me on this.
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