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Cleaning your bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gibson01919, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. How often do you clean your pipe? Mine is pretty res'd up and the color is sick but it smells very strongly so i cant carry it in my pocket so ive been thinking of cleaning it. If i let it air out a bit would it smell less strongly? I dont want to clean it because it looks awesome plus cleanings a pain but it smells alottt
  2. You have to soak it in rubbing alcohol and all that stuff will melt away. Then rinse it really well. I usually let mine sit in water for about 1/2 a day to make sure all the alcohol is really gone.

    It will become sparkling clean like it was brand new. I am assuming it's glass though.
  3. Let it sit in rubbing alcohol/simple green and salt overnight.
    Rinse out thoroghly with warm water.

    Brand new lookin/smokin bowl.
  4. I never cleaned a bowl in my life. I aint got no time for dat i just let it res up it still hits fine
  5. I clean my bowl every new strain I use in it. I usually fill a baggie up with my bowl and then put enough rubbing alcohol to almost cover my bowl, then I pour in the same amount of water (sometimes a little more depending on the smell). Lastly I pour around a spoonful or more of salt and shake that bad boy for about 30 minutes.

    When it's trying I take a towel and rub the bowl, then I grab a toothpick and scrape off any excess resin and then let it get hit by either outside air or my fans air. Just make sure you don't smoke out of it until it's completely dry which only takes my bowl a half our to do.

  6. You should clean once a week....

    Check my tutorial out
  7. You're not getting the best of hits though, and i'm sure you wont be tasting how great it'd be if it was clean.
  8. Ew dude.

    Res is 95 % tar.

    You will shit your pants when you clean your bowl take a rip and realize how much more amazing it tastes
  9. Right? Theres nothing better than the first hit of a clean bowl with some dank in it

  10. I try to keep my :bongin: as clean as I can! With the first toke after each wash you really taste your bud.
  11. Fuck it, let it res up, i'm a stoner i'm meant to be lazy, aint nobody got time to be cleaning no bong everytime we pick up? Last major clean i gave my bong, was when I got it, the kids i got it off were using monster as bong water, so i had to clean it out thoroughly, even to this day the actual shaft that goes into the water is still sticky, i can't shift it.
  12. I don't clean it. Pipes are cheap enough to replace once it's rezzed up.

  13. But then you're wasting some hard earned cash that can be used for bud :smoking:
  14. Yeah. Lol. But I usually clean my vowl after about every 3-4 bags I buy(quarters and halfs). Its not even rhat hard takes about 5 minutes. Stay high
  15. I've got more than enough money to throw around. I can dish out 40 bones for a new pipe every few months.
  16. Well personally I would save the $40 for an extra 8th or something

  17. Thats pretty disgusting dude.

    Idk where to began

    Monster for bong water?!?!?!?! ewwww man lol.

    And no offence but that attitude aint guna get you anywhere in life. Your too lazy to clean your bong really? Its like a 1 min cleaning....

    Is it to much to brush your teeth and shower and shave as well?

    ehh idk man... its ur piece in the end and im not toking on it so i could care less but im just saying clean your shit and stop being lazy! lol :smoking:

  18. Thats so ignorant

  19. How so? I bust my ass working, I deserve to spend my money how I please. Bills are paid up in full, then the rest is mine to save or spend.
  20. #20 dropinbiking, Jan 19, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 19, 2013
    Pipes can build up a pretty dank smell after a while. Also, all that resin built up can get NASTY if the pipe gets super cold (condensation built up) or wet. Many people I know don't like to clean their pipe because it's usually completely fucked with resin before they even think about it.

    Also, the bowl builds up that really tough burnt resin from the lighter. That stuff can be BRUTAL to get off, which is all the more reason to at least clean the bowl on the regular.

    If you clean out your pipe regularly (not even that often really) it makes the job SOOO much easier.

    I spent about an hour cleaning a pipe I got for free before giving it to a friend. I had to iso/salt it 3 times, it still had some nasty resin it (the resin built up didn't leave enough space for the iso/salt to move around) I ended up saying fuck this shit, busted out the acetone, and shook the pipe through it. That cleaned it right out.

    Anywhoo, almost month later, my friend asked me to clean the pipe for him again, because he was traveling with it on a plane. I shook it out with iso/salt for about a minute or so, and rinsed it out.

    Moral of story, I'd rather spend 10 minutes every month, opposed to an hour pissed off, cleaning a pipe.

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