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Cleaning with acetone

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by bwitsne, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. I have this bong that I just can't get 100% clean because of all the percolators and shit.

    I've used everything and since I can't get it fully clean I haven't been able to smoke out of it.
    I just stopped by Walgreens and picked up a bottle of 100% acetone. lets see how this goes. im leaving it sit for a while

    This is a test cause there are no more options, I heard chemists use acetone to clean their glassware.
  2. Well, acetone might work to some degree, but I doubt it'll do any better than an ISO wash with salt.
  3. Salt is impossible to get into the second chamber, its impossible to get salt through the slits

  4. Put salt into the stem or from the the top. Iso and salt always cleans my bong perfect and it looks like that b is pretty clear already.
  5. It has some inside spots that I really want to get, I guess I should use lots of fine grain salt and 99 alcohol? I was using rock salt previously

    acetone btw, was a fail, didn't remove the hardened black shit. it almost looks like heroin resin or something lol 0.0
  6. I wish I knew a way to get that shit clean for you man, but that's actually why I didn't by a tube with one of those in it :(
  7. Go buy a bottle of 420 cleaner. Never used it myself but always hear good things.

    Edit: and nice bong by the way
  8. Once its clean im getting a carbon filter for it
  9. Oxyclean does wonders, let it soak for a whileeee though
  10. Use Iso and rinse with lots of hot water, don't use acetone!! You don't want smoke touching that shit.
  11. Alright let me break it down for you.

    Acetone is perfectly safe to use as a cleaning agent on GLASS, it WILL MELT acrylic or plastic. This fear some people have of acetone comes from a lack of understanding. Yes acetone is both flammable and toxic, but guess what? ISO is also toxic, but just like acetone, ISO is a volatile subsistence. Meaning they vaporize at low temperatures, pour some acetone on a driveway or curb - it will evaporate in a manner of minutes.

    The only thing about acetone you need to worry about it the flammability, try to use it outside, or in an extremely well ventilated room like a garage. Just to be safe you should rinse anything you clean out with warm water, just like you should be doing after cleaning with ISO.

    That being said, if acetone doesn't work pick up some Grunge Off and let it soak overnight.
  12. Grunge off was removing some of this build up, but not all of it. I had grunge off soaking on it for literally 10 days or more.
  13. Zep citrus degreaser from home depot...10$ a gallons doesss wonders...after a 3/4 day soak in it heat up a little rubbing alcohol in a glass Pyrex cup n mix some white vinegar with it...then fill the bong w/ that..will remove hard water stains. The degreaser eats all resin and leaves it shiny.

    Key things get an 18mm stopper off aqlt and rinse thoroughly w/ hot water after getting the degreaser out..use rubber gloves and watch out its slippery if it gets on the outside of ur glass.

    This should leave it looking brand new
  14. YES! Acetone is a powerful solvent and it is completly safe to use on your glass. It literally gets rid of everything, and you only need a small amount. Dilute the rest with water.

    I highly recommend it.
  15. [​IMG]

    Simple green. Available in Walmart and most other stores.

    Fill the bong entirely with Simple Green (clog the joint with something) and let it soak overnight. Next day rinse out with hot water, and you will have a 100% clean piece, 100% guaranteed. It's how I clean all my bongs, works like a charm for even the most resin-caked percs.

    Also, that might be hard-water stains. Consider soaking the piece in CLR (Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover) overnight to get rid of the stains if Simple Green doesn't do its magic in washing them away.
  16. I definitely had fun with this in my high school art class :cool:

  17. yeah but when you need a spotless bong in 15 minutes, you use Acetone:D
  18. For some reason even after an hour of soak it and then rinsing it with hot water I still have the same stuff

  19. It's probably a hard-water stain. Go get some C-L-R (pic below) and soak the piece. Don't get any on the label though, just fill the bong after plugging the joint and let it soak for a an hour or so. Then do a very thorough was with hot soapy water and the stains should be gone.

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    Buy some 420 clean it will clean the whole bong

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