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Cleaning while high...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RyRyToughGuy, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. It must be done, got one packed and ready to go. How do the rest of you feel about cleaning when you're baked?
  2. love it. scrubbing dishes is a lot better stoned. i worked in a kitchen so i always make sure to be high days when im doing lots of cleaning, fryers, dishes, general grime etc.
  3. My brother always used to do that. It would be funny where stuff would end up sometimes haha
  4. If I haven't already cleaned up my surroundings, almost immediately after my high really sets in I feel the need to clean up. I guess I feel like a bum if I'm stoned AND surrounded by a mess. Makes me feel lazy.

    I always feel so accomplished after a good stoned cleaning :cool:
  5. I clean the whole room, go on rampages.
  6. if i smoke alone i clean my room of anything thats just laying around almost every time.
  7. yeah,...Im more productive when Im stoned than when stone sober.
    Im the opposite of the dumb retarded stereotype of a stoner sitting on a couch all day.
  8. My high is always more enjoyable if my surroundings are clean. So yes, I really enjoy cleaning when I'm high. Sober, not so much. :smoking:
  9. I feel more confident in my creations.
  10. I love to clean when I'm stoned.

    I either listen to some music or podcasts and go to it.

    I kinda like talk myself into it. "like okay, i'm gonna get nice and stoned, listen to some good shit, and get this all done"
  11. is the best. Especially those really grody, mundane tasks ( cleaning door frames, scrubbing bathtubs, washing dishes ).

    Then to follow up with a nice hot shower? Heavenly.

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