Cleaning while high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Visine!, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. my job consist of cleaning so.......

    i love to clean cuz why?
  2. Whenever I smoke with my best friend in his house he always cleans for like an hour. It's actually kind of annoying while I'm high.
  3. lol I do occasionally, but once I reach a certain point of being high I just feel like laying on the couch and chilling =p
  4. i end up cleanin the whole house lil sis' room an all..then reward myself wif anotha spliffeezy
  5. I got really fucked, and I had to be home at a certain designated time to leave to go shopping, so I thought I was golden, but it turns out I had to vacuum and a bunch of other crap. It was actually fun when I got into it though, it was so amazing to see all the cat hair and specs of nasty just vanish when you run the vacuum over it! haha
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  6. I have the urge to clean while high sometimes.
  7. yup its a good feeling when you get something done and everything looks all nice
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  8. I clean when i'm high all the time but then again I am a woman so
  9. hey yeah man thats fun
  10. I hate a dirty place. I clean all the time & I have a PENISSent from my medulla oblongata.
  11. lol this happens to me too often. Ill start by cleaning off the kitchen table or something and before you know it I reorganized all the cabinets and disinfected everything then on to the next room and the next... clutter and things out of order just bugs the crap out of me when I'm high its like mild ocd. ha  organizing is my shytt :yay:
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  12. I almost always clean but I usually also decide its a great time to try and be a chef as well...
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  13. I loooove cleaning while high oooooh and organising!
  14. Heh it's not so bad to be honest. I do find that it helps cleaning feel like less of a chore.
  15. This I gotta look into
  16. What, like pressure wash the quiver bone?

    Yeah cleaning is alright sometimes...I think I look at it like, I'm getting tomorrows shit done while I'm in a cruisy enough mellow state to not really give a fuck about tomorrow, at less stoned times, I can be not having to do it. Though I do like order and neatness very much, so if I say do dishes or whatever...I'll refill the water filter, wipe down benches, maybe chuck some stuff out of the fridge...make some food, some I forgot why I came in there in the first place, but all I gotta contend with in the morning is a couple plates and cups at most.

    I also like cleaning the bathroom when high. Not really the whole bathroom, I just find it relaxing to like wash the inside of the shower receptacle thing when I'm enjoying a hot shower. I'll normally spray some eucalyptus in there at the same time so it steams up. There's probably a good chance I'll piss on the floor while I shower...but yknow...there's cleaning products gonna wash it down...just fucking zen cleaning stoned relaxation...taking that piss...just like an extra massage inside the jimmy, yknow?
  17. I really like getting a lil nice and then doing the dishes always relaxing for me
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  18. It motivates me to clean for sure. Also motivates me to go for hike or walk.
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