Cleaning while high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Visine!, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Does anyone else here get high (not like super high, but a functional level) and have the sudden urge to clean everything around them?

    This seems to happen to me a lot (my roommate sure loves it, fucker never cleans...). Yesterday I started cleaning my room and somehow ended up doing all the dishes and cleaning the kitchen...:rolleyes:

    And right now I'm about to go wash and detail my car and smoke a bowl while IN the drive through car wash (pretty fucking awesome:D).

    My life would be a mess without weed.:smoke:
  2. i clean everytime i smoke lmao. It's just become a habit now. :smoking:
  3. Maaly looks like were the only clean stoners here...;)

    And my truck is spotless now:smoking:.
  4. Only the device we're smoking from, my friend.

    It'll be all resin-caked and brown, and then it's off to the cleaners (hot water and pipe cleaners, sometimes rubbing alcohol).
  5. Dude, I'm the same.. When I'm high I'll notice like messy/unorganized things that I would have otherwise not given a shit about or just completely disregarded. I find it pretty fun to do, since well everything is more fun high lol, and at the same time it's rewarding getting something done. Since I've started smoking I've just been living been living a cleaner lifestyle in general.
  6. I clean all the time regardless,

    weed kinda puts it into overdrive
  7. Yeah I start cleaning my room. But only my stuff- I'm selfish like that.
  8. Yeah, I like to keep my room tidy. It's not even something I plan on doing... I make my bed when I see that it isn't made, pick clothes off the floor, get it all in the hamper. Everything.

    Once time, me and my friend just finishing blazing in my back yard, and we noticed a BUNCH of plates and cups all over my counter. I'm talking like 80% of my dishwasher's contents were out all over it. So we took the time to clean them all and put them all away. We went back into my room afterwards. After about 5 minutes, my brother comes back form getting something in the kitchen and tells us "...Did you guys just wash everything?!" (he knew we were high). We just started cracking up and he just left to his room laughing his ass off too.
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  9. I do it too. I smoke while the wife is working, and if I can pry myself away from the net, I like to pick up the whole place, wash dishes, laundry... like anything. It's def more fun after smoking. It is kind of odd how it makes you want to clean.
  10. I do that also. I sit on my computer and look around me and notice everything needs cleaned all of a sudden. All of my friends just sit around on a couch and do nothing, which I find to get boring very very fast. I like to be productive when im high, lazy as hell when im sober. :)
  11. Yeah, it makes me organize my shit... same with percocets.

    I'd smoke some weed, get sooo lit, clean a bunch of shit and organize, sleep, wake up with clean shit not remembering doing it haha.
  12. When I start to feel the paranoia i'll do the dishes. If i'm pissed then i'll get to cleaning.
  13. im more likely to clean if im high...
    coke... its what i do :D cheaper than a maid :confused_2:
  14. as far as cleaning i usually like to bake after im done cleaning its soo rewarding
  15. I'm definitely feeling you on that one. I love to clean when I'm high, it's so much fun for some reason. It's kind of like driving lol
  16. Naw but when im on tuss i do

    Clean clean clean its so fun on tuss i dunno why
  17. same here lol but sometimes i get lazy and just fall to sleep or something :p
  18. The only time I do chores is when I'm high.. because after I start coming down I want to get high again, so I find anyway to get money. :hello:
  19. yea dude wtf its mad random i just get urges to clean stuff. when i was at my friends house and i cleaneed his whole kitchen i was about to windex the windows wen i realized wut the fuck am i doing
  20. I suppose I clean before I get high becuase I hate having clutter around me. I also will smoke before I have to do something large, like clean the entire house.

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