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cleaning pipes with dishwashing soap?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by the boat, Mar 13, 2011.

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    I mean, seems stupid but it IS for washing glass, maybe get some hot water and take a paper clip to that shit, idk is this a bad idea as long as I rinse it out real good? what do you think? it just came to me while i was trying to scrape my bub spotless.

    it's a bubbler by the way, it's already clean but theres some spots, and smell... i want it to be new so i can enjoy some nice 20 a g dank :cool:
  2. ISO would be better but if all you have is dish soap it will be better then straight up water.
  3. yeah i already knew about the iso but shit alright thanks.

    anyone have any experience with this?
  4. Try water with soap and salt, throw all of that in a ziploc bag with your bub, and shake vigorously. Will need to do it 3+ times to get it fully cleaned.
  5. its already real clean theres just a smell and a few spots with a brownish tint sorta
  6. I did this once many many many years ago and it sucked balls. I would have forgotten by now if it didn't. I couldn't get the smell/taste of soap out of my bong, and it ruined the taste of weed. I actually bought another bong because I didn't want to keep re-cleaning it to get the smell out. I'm sure it goes away eventually, but I'm lazy and RIACH BIATCH
  7. shit really lol? Yeah i would much rather have a resin bub then a soap bub
  8. yeah man... it would take hours to get the smell and taste out. Have you tried running hot water through it from the sink? or boiling it? or rubbing alcohol? These seem to be the most effective ways.
  9. yeah i put it under hot water as i said its pretty fucking clean i just want it head shop clean from a cobination of an OCD type thing and wanting my next smoke to be an orgasm in smoke form
  10. Oh, now I get it. I've never totally gotten the smell of res out of my stuff but I don't taste the res after it's been cleaned even if it has a little smell. If you get one of those pipe cleaners and use soapy water then maybe.
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    smell doesnt really bug me when its full of smoke it all tastes the same i just want it to be clean as hell cause theres always that fuucking powdery brown resin and those little globs stuck to the side with a bunch of lines in it from the paper clip lol

    the job just really feel un finished if you know what i mean
  12. If you can get isopropyl alcohol that will make the res easier to get off. I use 70% and just get my finger or a paper towel in the bowl after I'm done shaking it in the ziploc. Everything wipes off with one swipe.
  13. it takes FOREVER to get the taste away..
  14. ive used it to clean my bong before. it worked somewhat but nothing like iso. i would use it to get the resin smell out for a clean smoke of that dank :smoke:

    also the soap went away i just had to rinse it out a few times
  15. Try alcohol. I usually just put my small pipes in a ziploc bag full of alcohol. Leave em sitting for a night, then take them in the shower with me in the morning.. Brand new!
  16. nah the best cleaning agent similar to dish soap is shampoo i use that shit on my glass on glass clear bongs all day, shit works wonders
  17. seriously? shit what kind lol
  18. Collect your urine next time you take a leak, and chuck that in the bong for 10-20 mins. Rinse with hot water and all the resin just falls off...
  19. [​IMG]

    ^^^ The very best

  20. lol...

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