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Cleaning my glass pipe with windex?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by LeGiT_DANK, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. What do you guys think? After all it is glass cleaner. My plan was to soak it in that, until it gets clean and whatnot, then rinse it out for a while with some water to wash away any possible chemicals. Personally, I don't think resin is too important to save, but then again I've never smoked it. Basically what I'm asking is if you think the Windex could weaken or damage the pipe.
  2. ya man give it a try, it wont do anyything to the pipe, just rinse it after soaking it in the windex. i mean u can always just use ISO
  3. Eh, I don't have any ISO laying around, and really don't feel like driving in the shitty weather
  4. ive never used windex but i dont see why it would harm a glass piece haha, people use it on the glass all the time
  5. About to go in, haha. I'll let you know how it comes out
  6. Would you feel safe inhaling windex fumes?
  7. I'd use hot soapy water before I'd use windex, but it's better to keep a bottle of iso around.
  8. I'm gonna rinse the shit out of it before I use it, especially because I have ghetto generic windex and I just noticed it has amonia in it haha
  9. ya man just rinse it out, it wont hurt u, people just get way to paranoid
  10. Endfact. Haha
  11. I feel like windex wouldn't do anything to resin. It's a glass cleaner, yeah, but I don't think it's powerful enough to get resin off of the pipe.

    I'd say get off your stoner ass and get some iso. Yeah I know, its hard haha. I've been meaning to get some for the past 2 weeks :D
  12. Thing is at the moment I don't have car to drive, it's in the shop because my caliper seized up last night. And I'm deff not walking all the way to town in the pouring rain haha.
  13. Just wait for better weather to get some rubbing alcohol. In the meanwhile if it's that important, shake up some salt water in it.
  14. I'd just wait till u can get some iso. its worth it, and it isn't like having the resin there while you smoke is gonna hurt you or anything.
  15. The shit is jammed with resin. I't won't even draw properly haha. I got it soaking in windex now...Fuck it
  16. I'd use rubbing alcohol if you have it. It will dissolve resin pretty quickly. Or, use vinegar.
  17. Iso alc has been mentioned numerous times :wave:
  18. So heres an update for you all. After soaking for, I don't know about 20 minutes. Seeing as I'm in no rush because I'm not blazing till later, I've just left my pipe chillen in some generic windex. I just took it out and ran some hot water into it for a rinse and wow. This shit is working like magic. I'm not saving the resin, honestly I've never smoked it but it looks damn nasty and prolly tastes just as bad. I'll just stick to the green. Anywho, it's working great and without any rubbing or scrubbing there is only one part of the pipe that still isn't clean which is right at the very end of the mouthpiece where it "connects", so to say, to the bowl. Letting it soak some more, but so far it's working magic.
  19. Make sure you give us an update after you smoke it. I'm curious if it'll taste like chemicals or if it worked.
  20. Will do, probably won't be till around 10ish though, Eastern

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