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Cleaning My Bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by UmphreysFan, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. I bought a bong about a month ago, and ive used it and everything, rips the shit out of you haha.

    anyway, i was wondering how i should go about cleaning it, the slide and all. recently ive just ran 70% alcohol through the slide and it comes out lookin brand new, clear as ever. but the bong itself im not so sure about, ive heard about like mites or something that can grow in it, or even mold?? i really have no clue besides rinsing it out with water/ alcohol. i dont clean the bowl though, resin gives taste:D

    so if someone could throw out some good tips or methods, i'd like to keep it clean and have it last me a while.

  2. cascade dish washer fluid, HOTASS water and bang clean bong... pok a hole in the bag tho cause the cmeical is so strong in hot water it makes a gas and will pop a ziplock bag if u dont cut a hole
  3. what is bang clean bong? a type of cleaner...
  4. I think he means that the dish soap and water will make your bong clean. Fast, like BANG!

    Iso and salt works well, I've heard good things about oxyclean as well.
  5. the easiest and surest way to clean a bong for CHEAP is to go to CVS or another place like that...

    get 91 proof alcohol (works much better than that 71 crap)

    get a salt shaker

    Put about a tablespoon of salt in your bong/tube/bowl (the salt will agitate the resin and make your alcohol 100% more effective)

    Add the alcohol and shake

    Repeat process one or 2 times....i've never seen anything resist this treatment

    AND IT IS CHEAP ENJOY :smoking:

    make sure you wash whatever you are cleaning out really well!
  6. ^^ exactly how i do it....

    comes out brand new every time
  7. i use rock salt and water.... then i swirl it like hell till it scrapes all tha stuff off....
  8. I buy the big box of kosher salt and use alcohol. The kosher salt has bigger granules than regular table salt and seems to work quicker.
  9. hey im pretty high right now . but what excatly kind of alchol (not the %) but like rubbing or what ? cause is there a prefered brand . im sorry but i dont think i can even get out of my chair...PS im also drunk off my ass
  10. 91% iso alcohol and a mccormick sea salt grinder.

    pour about 3/4 cup alc. into bong and then grind a healthy amount of sea salt(grinded sea salt is very sharp jagged crystals), maybe a tbsp into the alc. cover all holes and shake for 1-2 minutes.

    works like a charm.

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