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  1. I do the same pretty much. When you do it more frequently, the resin doesn't build up as much and you don't have to sit there shaking it. I really don't find that I have to do it every day, but I have a shit ton of pieces. If it was an oil rig you could leave it a little longer, but that ashy water ruins the hit.
    The only thing I don't clean every day are the bowls, because that is a bitch.

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    I now have a few bowls that I rotate through...I toss the dirty ones in a small cup and then pour the waste iso from my daily bong quick-cleans in there.   While I smoke out of a nice clean bowl, I have another 1-2 soaking.   When my current bowl gets dirty I just grab one of the soaking bowls which immediately rinses clean.      I find having a clean bowl makes a massive difference in keeping your glass clean as far less resin and plant material gets sucked into your bong when smoking. 
    I'm also a little OCD and like all my stuff to be clean, this is just the system I use these days.  Quick, easy and efficient and no dirty glass. 
  3. Haha damn, this is on a whole another level of clean!! I just did a quick rinse and then an iso rinse at the end (barely had any left :() and it did make a massive difference! I rinse out my bong every 2 bowls or every day so I'll add this to my routine!
    Maybe once I get more equipment I'll start keeping everything clean, but rn I don't have enough stuff to keep it in rotation
  4. Grunge off. Nuff saidSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Yes Grunge off all the way.  This stuff is awesome!  I used to used salt and iso but this is so much better because you literally let it soak.  There is not shaking or scrubbing...i've broken a bowl or two while shaking vigorously.  I just used it this morning to clean my bowl...let it sit for 30 mins or so and just wash the resin away.
  6. [quote name="Thejourney318" post="19364334" timestamp="1390074803"]It wasn't glass. Just some cheap piece i picked up cuz it looked cool.[/quote]It was probably acrylic. For future reference, don't buy acrylic pieces. Glass or stone/ceramic all the way.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity F
  7. Except grunge-off costs like 5x as much per volume as iso.......if you keep your piece clean, all you need is a splash of iso every day or two to keep your piece ooking like the day you bought it, waaaaay cheaper in the long run and just as effective. 
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    Yeah but you can use it over and over again. So cost is not really a factor. Plus U don't have to worry about breaking pieces by shaking using ISO and salt.
  9. Salt and iso then shake. It'll be squeaky cleanSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. One word: Acetone
    • Hot water could brake your glass
    • Branded 420 cleaning products are expensive (although so is acetone) 
    • Shaking your bong with salt/iso is dangerous
    Acetone is powerful stuff! Just fill your pice, let it sit, and then pour the acetone back into your container (re-use the same acetone over and over). Rinse out your glass with water and all of the resin will wash away. I have never seen anything clean as well as acetone, get some at HomeDepot  :smoking:
    I can just imagine lighting my bud and my whole bong catching on fire
  12. I agree with the grunge-off. You buy one bottle and just keep reusing the same stuff over and over again. It's actually cheaper in the long run to do that, rather then go through bottles of ISO. Which doesn't work as well IMO. Grunge-off is the shit Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. dainex worked fine for me... let it sit in water mixed with drainex for an hour... n then clean the smut with a brush 
  14. Yeah as to why your bong broke op, acrylic cannot be used with isopropyl. Iso for glass. Dont waist anymore money on acrylics.

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    It's amazing how fast coarse salt and 99% Iso works but wash it out after repeatedly or yur hits will taste weird

    Spend 50 on a glass bong with Percs trust me the hits will taste soo good
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    Just cleaned today. Only got the bowl done so far. I use q-tips dampened with rubbing alcohol with salt it works really good! Otherwise boiling works good to, it loosens the resin and makes it easy to wipe out with q-tips
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  17. Alcohol swabs are great for bowls, same aisle as iso.  They come in 100 packs and have 70% iso in them.

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