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    I can not figure out a way to properly clean my bong. The thing is, the top and bottom are both quite skinny, but it opens up in the center. I washed it with soap, but I have no way to reach into the center and scrub it or anything like that. How do I get this thing legitimately cleaned?

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    coarse salt and 99% rubbing alcohol.   Soap doesn't do shit for resin.
    Coarse salt? How about just the rubbing alcohol? So what, put it in there, shake it up for a decent amount of time while holding it in, then thoroughly wash it up?
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    If it's been sitting for a while, pour some alcohol in and let it soak.  Then add the salt and shake it like a need the salt to scrape off the resin and clean the tough to reach spots.    Alcohol alone wont do it if it's been on there a while or really dirty. 
  5. What exactly is coarse salt? I take it regular salt won't do it, lol?
  6. just alcohol doesnt work good. the salt is like a scrub. just use any salt and put a good amount nd shake that shit like crazy
  7. yea just use any salt. all it does is act like a scrub
  8. any salt will do, but the big chunky salt (ie.  coarse)  works the best, especially if it's really dirty it makes a big difference. 
  9. Well, just dumped a shit load of rubbing alcohol in the bong. I dumped the whole bottle. That's pretty much what it took to get the whole area covered for soaking to be effective. Just seemed strange dumping the whole bottle. I then dumped a bunch of salt in there. Will be great to have a clean bong again. How long should I let it soak?
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    Well fuck. It was a cheap fucking piece, though it did look cool. Whatever it is, the fucking rubbing alcohol just tore right through it and it's cracked. When I went to check on it it was fucking empty and there was a crack in it
  11. The only problem with ISO and salt is if you have a lot of resin AND hard to reach area's like shower cap percolators. Mine has two shower-caps but the second one has buildup that will not go away, even after a double cleaning and boiling water rinse.
    Ohh that reminds me, boiling water works to loosen stuff up if it is mildly on there, just fill it to the top with boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes. After that do the ISO and salt rinse and you will have good results. I also suggest another boiling water bath afterwards to clean out any salt residue that may be in there.
  12. You are supposed to shake it around for like 2 minutes until everything is scrubbed off by the salt. The shaking of the bong is the magic touch that activates the salt here.
  13. Damn. Alcohol shouldn't break glass and neither should the salt. Which piece broke, can you provide us with a pic?
    (I've heard of people shaking china glass too hard and pieces getting unattached, but never cracking, maybe you hit it on something and didn't notice?)
    For future reference:
    1. Pour boiling water into bong, let soak, empty. (You can repeat this twice imo)
    2. Pour ISO in, add chunky salt and cover water outlets with plastic foil
    3. Let it soak for however long it needs to and shake every 2-5 mins. (you should be able to tell, haven't cleaned my bong yet but my pipe took about 30 minutes of soaking and shaking every 3-5 minutes to be perfectly clean).
  14. Impossible, you cracked it while shaking it probably. I do not believe ISO cracked any type of glass unless the ISO was freezing cold.
  15. Don't use boiling water. Hot is fine, but adding boiling water to a room temperature piece can easily crack boro.
    Ah. Well this may be true, maybe this is what op did?
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    This is a lot of work, and is exhibit #1 why you should keep your piece clean.   I'm amazed at people that spend hundreds on glass and then let it go days or weeks without cleaning.   I give my  bong and ash-catcher a quick splash of iso every day when I change the water, and I never have to soak or scrub and my glass always looks like it did the day I bought it.
  18. It wasn't glass. Just some cheap piece i picked up cuz it looked cool.
    Damn haha, every day?! After changing the water you say, does it really keep the bong that clean?
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    Dude, it literally takes 10 seconds.   I dump out the old bong water, splash with iso, rinse, and refill.    You can take 10 seconds every day or you can wait for a week or more and have to boil, soak, scrub and all that bs.      I also grow my own and like to taste my weed.......smoking out of dirty glass is gross, as all you taste is old burnt resin.    
    And yes, it does keep it that clean.    Get in this routine, have a good ash-catcher, and your piece will always look and smoke great. 

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