Cleaning Hood..Removing Reflector

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  1. Anyone clean their hoods after a while of use and remove the reflector?Ive been running an exhaust fan without a filter to catch dust and my radiant hood is pretty i want to pop the reflector off and clean it good so my air flow is good.

    is it a bitch to get the reflector out??do you just manhandle it afraid of f'n it up.
  2. Hi..

    What make/model hood are we talking about? I also have unfiltered air cooling my hoods and usually remove the glass cover, remove the bulb. You can then use a soft cloth to clean the reflector without removing it.

    Good Luck!
  3. I have a hydrofarm radiant hood hooked up to a 465cfm fan.since i noticed all the dust build up a put a screen at the exhaust side on the hose.

    i thought maybe to remove the inside reflecttor to clean out the dust real good but im afraid of damaging the reflector.its not held in by bolts kinda just bent inside the hood to fit but its very tight.

    i just used a vacum and sucked up what i could from the vent slits.
  4. Mission accomplished!

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