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Cleaning glass pipes with rubbing alcohol and salt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brumac, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. My dealer told me the best way to clean glass pipes/bowls/bongs is rubbing alcohol and salt. I put three of my glass pipes in a ziplock bag with rubbing alcohol and salt, shook it around and after 20 minutes those fuckers were spotless! I rinsed and dried them and they all look brand spanking new. Anyone else try this?
  2. if you put all 3 in the bag at once ill say thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard...

    if you did them seperately then yea it works fine but not as good as the commercial cleaners head shops sell

  3. Um, of course I did them all separately, and the fact you even ask is ridiculous, but I guess I am posting in the Apprentice forum.
  4. LOL! That was funny.
  5. indeed you are
  6. havent done that yet, but sounds perfect! but ill prob wait to get some good before i do that (i dont want reg in a clean pipe)
    but whats the percentage of each? 80% alcohol, 20% salt etc.
  7. I usually just scrape my pipes, so I've never actually tried that. A few of my friends have and they say it works great, you just have to rinse it off really well.
  8. all my friends just use rubbing alcohol and no salt

    works wonders
  9. Simple green works great too, rubbing alcohol and salt leaves your piece tasting, and smelling like shit.
  10. after you use the rubbing alcohol you wash the shit out of it with warm water

    then let dry out

    its like its brand new dude
  11. dude just emerse your glass in the alcohol,then fill it with enough salt where it stops dissolving. like, shake it up and see if you can still see salt; make sure there's a pretty good amount. it works real well for me, just rinse with hot water, good to go.

  12. Enough salt to cover the piece and enough alcohol to cover the salt (a little extra so its kinda watery) shake it up for a good amount of time and rince really well.
  13. Trust me i've done it before. It still smells and tastes like salt and rubbing alcohol.
  14. -I personally don't like to use salt with the wash but that's just me, as much as i hate to do it, you can still smoke the resin after the iso, or proper solvent wash is all evaporated.

    -I would try boiling it in water then if possible, or just even hot water from the faucet, ours gets hot enough, run it through and you should start seeing resin pieces come out.
  15. If that's the case, you must have not rinsed it out well enough. This is how I've cleaned every piece I've ever owned, and I've never tasted even a hint of salt or alcohol on the first bowl in a clean piece. Just make sure to rinse for a long time. When you think you've rinsed it so much that there couldn't possibly be any traces of alcohol or salt left, rinse it some more. :D
  16. Hehe, yeah. I LOVE how clean my bong or pipe looks after doing this, makes me feel like it's the day I bought them
  17. Boiling water is bad for glass, makes it brittle

    Hmm maby i'll try to wash it out, or better yet use simple green because it's way cheaper :p
  18. sorry I guess I miss spoke, doesn't have to be to the point where you are weakening the glass, simply just hot water from the faucet does wonders as well. But I do see your point, lol thank you! I will keep that in mind. I actually use a lot of pipe stone for my pipes. -they can take a ton of heat.
  19. Good to know. Id rather do this rather than buying 420 solution
  20. Dude, I've been trying to reply to this for like 3 days but they had me do a banana puzzle to make sure I wasn't a robot and that shit was hard. But on the real, I definitely thought the same thing and read that like 20 times like why would he put all three of them in same bag. Then I read your comment and laughed for about 20 minutes. Anyways, felt I needed this to be know
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