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  1. So I've got a pretty big bong, and I've got no idea how to clean it entirely. I can get it clean for half the part, but there are some spots (right above the percolators) that I can't clean no matter what I do. Help? [​IMG]

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  2. Randy black label. Maybe a lhs sells.
  3. Swish some rubbing alcohol around inside of it. Might take a few tries, but it will eat the resins right off and make it like brand new.
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  4. 91% ISO and salt. Or, you can break the bong, clean the glass and then glue it back together.
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  5. I have used a jewelry ultrasonic cleaner along with Zep Citrus de-greaser (Home Depot) + salt on badly stained glass. IF THERE ARE ANY CRACKS OR STRESS FRACTURES, THE BONG WILL BREAK WILL BREAK! I have an old Sharper Image Ultra sonic unit that I use on small items like downstreams and wonders for me!
  6. Naw, Duck tape it!:RoorRip:
  8. That is a lovely piece. When they get that complex it is hard. I have run acetone or straight nail polish remover though mine with rice or sand as an scrubber. Once you get it sparkling clean sell it and buy something practical. Or not.

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