Cleaning baked-on resin

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  1. I had some resin that was just baked onto the glass. Salt and iso wouldn't take it off. Simple Green wouldn't take it off.

    Finally, I decided to experiment with some Easy-Off oven cleaner I had. Couple of quick sprays....Waited overnight....Next day, rinsed it off with hot water. Followed up with a salt/iso wash and then more hot water rinses.

    The thing looks brand-new!

    I would guess that this would work on the really hard-to clean pieces out there, too. Just be prepared to rinse, rinse, RINSE! was an experiment that worked for me....thought I'd pass it along.

  2. I've yet to find anything that works better than Sodium Hydorxide.

    The only downside is using NaOH on metal pieces is probably not a good idea, since they can react.

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