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cleaning acrylic??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IL_Duce, May 24, 2006.

  1. does anyone know if rubbing alch. will clean an acrylic bong without damaging the bong??
  2. NO!!!!!!! dont do that lol

    i tried that once... put a hole STRAIGHT threw my mini bong.
  3. Just go to your local head shop and pick up some formula 420 pretty sure it works on everything and it cleans my bowls so nice.
  4. idk how rubbin alcy would do that? Adheasive? what? idk ..

    neway.. acrylic bongs should be quite ez to clean just take a paper towl (the really fluffy soft ones.. ) make it into a ball and push it down the neck of the bong (will be hard to push down but w/e it will wear off all the rez stains) .. idk about the bulb at bottem tho w/ the water .. maybe hot water and salt? and then some more paper towls / qtips .. ect ect
  5. hey all. brand new here. suuuuuuuuup
    the reason i joined is because i just bought a new acrylic bong. pretty basic. but i wanna know how to clean it. my friend said rubbing alchy but it says above nott to do that.
    i don't really have a bong/pipe shop in town. what can i use to clean my bong?

    there is my bong. its nothing great but does the job
  6. well, when i burned the hole in my acrylic i used epsom salt and 90% alcohol... that couldve been the problems.

    If you want, just try alcohol and if you see the color start to change ((of the bong)) then pour it out and rinse it with hot water real fast.

    ... i dunno i need to look this up
  7. yeah man i tried alcohol (70%) and salt before i checked this forum and nothing really happened to it but i just shook around and then rinsed. i just want to get rid of all the crap and brown around the bottom of my bong haha

    stupid acrylic. but if i bought glass itd be harder to sneak around and id end up breaking it haha
  8. Actually ive tried using 99% alcohol on an acrylic bong and it does work....just dont leave it in there too long....also if theres any places glued originaly dont use it on those parts it will pop them right off..:cool:
  9. Do not listen to MillerTime...99% will make the bong fall apart almost right away.
  10. alright cool. so no alcohol at all. but like i just tried soap and water and that didn't work. i shoved a wrapped up towel in there and tried to scrape the sides

    i tried salt and water ect...
    nothing works!
  11. I would recommend you try searching for "bong cleaner" on the internet, or check your local head shop. There is many brands of bong cleaner out there....almost all work very well! If you really can't get any of that, try getting some "oxi" type cleaning solution. The powder form is best....

    Edit: If your bong isn't glued to the base, then you should be able to use 99% iso alcohol no problem...70% doesnt do anything though.
  12. i really think it all depends on your bong... i know a man who used 90% on their bong and it inst nice and reflective anymore, but he polished it with turtle wax and now he's just looking for to see if there's anything out there specifically for acrylic to get it back to its original luster.

    now he uses 70-50% mixed with a little water, and sometimes a little salt for when it's really caked, but rice would probably work as good, or any combination of the two:smoking:
    its still pretty shiny on the inside still, and the bottom is a glued on plastic cap with another black plastic stand to keep the cap glued in place, and it hasn't been eaten away yet.

    but most bongs arent the same
  13. what the hell you guys talking about? i have an acrlic bong and i clean it with 99 percent rubbing alcohol and salt and its fine. ive done it like 10 times and theres nothing wrong with it at all. and it cleans it great.
  14. i suggest rubbing alcohol with salt or sand and shake, or just buy some formula 420 the orange label the rest blow
  15. vinegar works good too, it gets the smell of bong water out and then you just rinse it out with water. ive used lemon juice as well. also if you have any hookah shops near you just get brush for hookah bases and use some salt and vinegar on it. should get the job done.
  16. Usually when my acryllic bong gets dirty, I throw it out and go buy a new one.
  17. Every time I have use rubbing alcohol on acrylic it has cracked the living shit out of it, and then broke within 3 or 4 uses, or it's leaky as hell.
  18. i used 91% alcohol on my acrylic bong, i even let it sit in there for an hour or two. no holes, no damage.

  19. Alcohol will cause acrylic jewelry to become brittle and break down...I wouldn't use it on your bong. That goes for any harsh chemical cleaners as well.

  20. I tried leaving alcohol in my buddies acrylic and it cracked in completely.

    We did leave it in there for 2 hours though. Man that was dumb.

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