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Cleaning a spoon?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohaiwill, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. I have a small glass spoon that I've tried to clean on a few occasions. I first try cleaning it as much as I can with just warm water. Then I fill a baggie with iso alcohol and salt, toss the pipe in, and shake it around. This doesn't seem to do much. I can shove some q-tips in the mouthpiece and clean that, but that's about it. There's a ton of resin in the actual bowl, and I can't reach it with q-tips. I was thinking maybe pipe cleaners that you use for crafts, but I don't have any.

    How do you guys clean your glass bowls?
  2. I don't clean mine... When you really need to get high and there is no way to get bud the resin comes in handy...
  3. Shake like he'll for 5-10 minutes, double bag it too incase it rips which happens when you shake fir that long. Also to loosen resin beforehand, heat a kettle until it starts to whistle(high heat for 5 minutes), and hold the mouth opening over the shooting steam so that it comes out the other end. Only do this for 5 or so seconds or else the resiny water will drop all over your stove. Now, rinse it off and quickly throw it in a bag if fresh ISO+ salt. Repeat with new alcohol and salt if needed
  4. Don't clean a spoon, they're better when they are filled with resin. Spoons are supposed to be convienient dry pieces... If you want crystal clear glass gat a bong.

    Just advice from personal experience.
  5. But dry pieces start to smell and taste like ass if you never clean them, and can get clogged. I find dry pieces work best after 10 or so uses so there's a tight seal if resin around the bowl hole so you don't get scooby snacks
  6. Exactly. I too agree that they're better with a little bit of resin, but I've had this piece for 3 years and just started to try to clean it.

    NYC, thanks for the tips. I had no idea you had to shake that long, and I'll try the tea kettle idea too.

    I'm going through so much alcohol ever since I started to clean my pieces hahaha
  7. Yeah I suppose. I usually make sure that my spoon has a deep bowl/chamber so it wont get clogged for a while. And screens can prevent scoobysnacks and can be purchased at any headshop for extreamly cheap. Since spoons are dry they get dirty soooo fast that (to me) it isn't worth the time to clean it.

    And again. Just my opinions.
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    You gotta let that shit soak man. I leave my pipe in a baggie for about 30 minutes. After that rinse it with warm water and then use pipe cleaners to get all the loose stuff.

    True but if it does when it does get clogged a bobby pin works great. The taste is bearable i guess.

    Double sided cuticle pusher works great too
  9. I pour boiling water in my spoon and then shake all the water out real well, after that I take a paper-clip and scrape all the resin from the spots I can reach. It comes out very easy after its heated with water. It gets me Blazed too!
    I'll never understand people that waste resin...
  10. Don't do this OP.
  11. Personally I don't smoke resin because I find it disgusting. It's smoking all of the tar and carcinogens that you don't smoke the first time around. Of course I have done it before, but it's just gross to me.

    Then again I don't have problems getting bud when I need it so that may have some effect.
  12. Yeah I should have been more clear...NEVER pour actual BOILING water in your glass...
    The water I use is hot enough to burn you but not hot enough to be boiling...
  13. wtf u guys smoke off of spoons?
  14. :p ...bless your heart.
  15. :hide:
  16. I prefer a spork myself.

    But seriously, I just let mine soak in ISO over night and then run hot water through it in my morning. Good as new.

  17. Lol. My thoughts exactly, along with:eek::confused::(
  18. lmao...dude, this is a Spoon:

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