Cleaning a bong with drano?

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  1. simple question. i have some drano and a bong that needs cleaning.
    Will it clean if sufficiently?
    could anything bad happen?
  2. good god no, do not do it

  3. Rubbing acholol + Salt

    Much cleaner, safer, and less draino-y

  4. please elaborate on why
  5. Maybe because it's toxic? :confused:

  6. i thought it was common sense...

    drano is toxic. why would you want something toxic where you smoke.

    not to mention, it has a ph of 14. thats insanely caustic
  7. Here's something that made me question the toxicity of both Grunge Off AND Drano recently....

    I was cleaning my bathroom and to clean out the drain stop in the sink, I took it and dropped it in a plastic party cup filled with Drano and let it soak. Around the same time, I threw a slide of mine I wanted to clean in an identical plastic party cup filled with Grunge Off, and let it soak.

    I came back and checked both just 45 minutes later, and the Grunge Off had eaten through the cup! When I picked the cup up it just fell apart and shit spilled everywhere.

    The Drano on the other hand, did nothing to the cup....I decided to let it sit for awhlie to see how long it would take to eat through the plastic cup and weeks past with no change. I got bored eventually and just tossed it out.

    I expected the opposite to happen.

  8. whats grunge off made of anyway? i just looked on their site and it doesnt really say
  9. i wouldnt mess around with that shizz man, 420 cleaner <------yessssss

  10. I'd like to know too.
  11. If your only reason not to use Draino is that "it's toxic" I'm 100% isopropyl is also toxic. Even when I use something like iso and salt I still run it under my bathtub for good amount of time to completely flush out everything. If draino doesn't eat the glass I see no reason why you couldn't use it and then flush it out.

    I use simple green and I'm thinking of trying this other degreaser from work because the degreaser eats through resin like substances very fast.
  12. No it's not, not completely at least. It's only "toxic" when you consume enough that your liver can't break it down fast enough, but that's not exactly what toxic means. But that same token, acetaminophen is toxic, too? Simply using it to cautiously clean glass will not have a toxic effect on you at all, unless you're predisposed to it for some reason.
  13. Draino & water can cause reactions hot enough to crack glass.
  14. I doubt you'd get severe poisoning just from getting a bit of draino on your hands, especially if you're washing it off. If anything you might get some caustic burns, but that's because of the extreme PH of the lye in the draino.

    Toxic just means poisonous. And yes it's poisonous, so is alcohol (including ethanol, the stuff we intentionally drink).

    The toxicity of draino shouldn't be any more of a problem than the toxicity of iso. I'm not saying it's less toxic, but the dangers of the toxicity shouldn't be much greater. The danger in using draino would be the chemical burns, and if you can avoid that, there should be no reason that draino wouldn't be a good bong cleaner, unless it eats the glass.
  15. Well there goes a response I was looking for. It's more harmful to the glass than it is me, as long as I protect myself. So therefore not an efficient cleaner.
  16. It can only get you higher.

    On a more serious note, 420 cleaner would probably be the best thing

  17. iso also has an extremely low boiling point, so it completely evaporates after a short time
  18. I don't see a problem with using draino or any other chemical to clean your bong. As long as it's thoroughly cleaned afterwards with water and probably should let it sit for a while. The thing is iso is less expensive than draino
  19. As long as you thoroughly cleaned it after the Drano wash with some iso then rinsed it out a couple times with water, you should be fine.
  20. i find it hilarious the only people to spell drano correctly was OP and helpdesk

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