Cleaned my pipe with 70% iso three days ago, still smells of rubbing alcohol and taste is effected

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  1. As the title says, I cleaned my pipe with iso and the smell lingers, and the taste is effected as well. I've rinsed it a few times in water but the smell and taste still resides. Is there a way to get rid of this or will it just go away on it's own overtime? Because I like the taste of bud when smoked thru a pipe, but I'm really turned off now because of the altered taste.
  2. Rinse it better
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  3. Rinse and add an Efferdent tablet or two...smells much better and safe!
  4. Show a pic. My only thought is that iso could have gotten stuck somewhere. Like other blades said you should just be able to rinse it better and solve it but a pic would help.
  5. Run it inder SCALDING hot water for a few minutes. Then dry it with paper towel and q-tips. Good luck!
  6. buy a new pipe and with that the problem was solved

    everybody gets 1....
  7. And send me your old one...I will pay freight..:) Damn, one time someone will think I am serious!
  8. give it a nice rinse with mouthwash, thats what i do.
    Works everytime
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  9. Mouthwash is made with alcohol lol.

    Like others said hot water is the best trick.

    I use Smoke soap after I use my acetone based cleaner, then hot water afterwards. Smoke soap is an all natural cleaner it gets the smell out quick. 420 science sells it.

    I use piece water lately so all I need is a quick hot water bath and all the resin goes bye bye
  10. Is it glass?
    Because plastic will hod onto that smell, because the iso degrades the surface.
  11. If it didn't get completly clean some of the resin in the pipe may be holding in the smell and taste.

    Any pics of the pipe

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