Clean Pipe Without Chemicals?

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  1. My glass pipe is clear and very dirty. Is there a way to clean it without putting chemicals on it or boiling it?
  2. Smash it, re-melt the glass shards in to a new pipe. The resin should just burn off at that temperature.

    (but seriously, without chemicals or boiling? I'm not going to say it's impossible, but any process that doesn't involve boiling or "chemicals" is going to take you days, if not weeks)
  3. :/ i guess ill try the rubbing alcohol
  4. If you can, try to get 99% isopropyl alcohol. 99% of it will evaporate off of the pipe, with the other 1% being water.

    A great way to clean your pipe is to put it in a ziplock bag, fill the bag up with a little more than enough 99% alcohol to cover the pipe and pour in a bunch of table salt (using too much won't hurt anything, so don't get stingy with the salt).

    Let the pipe soak for a few minutes, then shake the hell out of it (over a sink just in case) for a few minutes, repeat until pipe looks clean. Then pour out the nasty dark brown alcohol/resin/salt mixture, take out your pipe, and throw away the bag (make sure it's zipped, the smell is terrible).

    Rinse the pipe very well with water to get out all the salt and anything else that might be inside, let it dry for a while. If it's not dry inside when you go to smoke out of it, more crap will stick inside and you'll have to clean it again sooner.
  5. hot water after every session will do.
  6. You wont be able to clean it without chemicals . just soak it in hot water,salt and alcohol. and call it a day
  7. Hot water works rather well. It won't get it completely brand new type of clean but it will get it clean to where it hits like new.
  8. Just remember it's made off scintific grade glass as long as you wash it all out it won't matter what you put into it
  9. Yes! chemicals are harmful for our health so keep avoid using it. One of the best method is to use a mixture of vinegar and salt. Another method which I follow is the use of boiled water. Dip it periodically in a warm water.

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