Clay pipe/Bong?

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  1. Well, Before I get bitched at for posting something that has been posted too many times, I was not able to find an answer.

    So, in the woods behind my house is a huge ditch, over 30ft high. Me and my cousin were walking in it and we see some rock like made into the side of the walls of the ditch so we get up to it to sit on it and we figure out it was wet and soft clay. There are patches of Red clay, white clay, brown clay, gold clay, yellow clay and gray clay.

    So now I am wondering could I just take some clay and make a pipe from it or bong and smoke from it?
    Would there be any bad chemicals or something in the clay?

    So the basic question is, can I just take some clay and make a pipe or bong, let it dry out, and be safe to smoke from? I cannot fire it, as I don't have a firerer thing.
  2. clay from a store is fine to smoke out of it, it does have a bad taste though. I have no idea if this natural clay is okay it could have just about anything in it
  3. Yea, I don't think I'm gonna make one because it could have anything toxic in it.
  4. my one friend made a clay pipe and baked it in his fireplace overnight.

    it works pretty well actually. i say go for it.

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