Clawed leave what deficiency could this be?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Frankiespencer, Jul 24, 2017.

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  2. More info pls. What are you feeding? Nutes? Soil or soiless? Temps? How often have you been watering
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  3. Not enough information. Tell us what nutes you using, and what light that is. The humidity, watering schedule and most importantly the temperature. The plants seem a bit too close to your light. I have a strong feeling like it is heat stress.
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  4. Ok sorry guys week 6 flower,, temp between 28-30c has been up to 32c on a hot day! humidity between 50-60 percent, feeding coco a and b nutrients 100ml of a and 100ml of b, 100 ml of boost in a 25ltr bucket.. these plants wounldnt stop growing so had to bend them plus tie the tall stems to the side so not directly under light.. oh and they are 600 watt hps hope that helps a bit more
  5. Plus I'm using coco coir feeding 1 hour after lights come on giving them 4 or 5 ltr jugs, they are in 23 ltr Rizo sacks..
  6. Hard to tell in the pictures. But has the leaves changed color?
    If it hasn't, then I can tell you for certain that it is heatstress. Try and lower the temperature a little, and move the light source higher. Also, is your watering schedule?

    Would also recommend you to at least put your humidity below 50%. The lower, the better. The humidity has nothing to do with the clawed leaves, but it will help your buds and prevent mould/fungus.
  7. Seems like the leaves are dark green so I tried half nutes and then last two nights just water to try flush them a little then start over .. I'm stuck with the light situation I've got them as high as possible.. but yes could be heat stress so might lower the wattage on ballasts to 400 for a couple of nights and see if that does the trick.. fingers crossed lol
  8. Wish you the best of luck. But for your next grow, try some techniques to make the plants short and bushy. That tends to work better if you do not have a really high tent/grow area.
    And also, just curious, what strain are you growing?
  9. It's sativa amnesia haze.. and yes deffo gonna flip them a little earlier.. just checked the temps again and they seem fine between 26-28 c can't work it out at all..
  10. Hi telletubbies just had a closer look and noticed some 3 and 1 bladed fan leaves coming from the top of the plant do you reckon there is a chance it has gone back to veg?? Here is a few pics..
  11. Seems like a ruderalis leaf. And no, I do not think they went back into veg. You doing 12/12 light? You got humidity down?
    And also, how long in flowering are you in right now?
  12. Could be too much nitrogen could be too much wind blowing them could be a number of things

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  13. Is it like that on all the leaves in the tent? do you have a strong circultaing fan blowing directly at them?
  14. I'm week 6 in flower.. temp at the min is btween 29 and 31c. Humidity is 53%.. my plants which are clawing like this aren't getting thc and seem like the buds aren't as big as my other plants Wich seem to be doing a lot better.. about two weeks ago I changed them into a bigger tent because I ran out of space.. so basicly lights came on! after 1 hour of light been on I put 3 plants in bathroom where it was dark and 3 in the hallway where had the light on!.. I did this So I had enough room in the bedroom to build bigger tent, now the 3 plants in bathroom were in dark for about 3 hours so now I'm thinking has this messed them up some how..
  15. Thanks the fan is quite a distance from this plant. I gave them half nutes 1 night and then the last 2 nights water still seem the same..
  16. No not directly and some plants seem fine..
  17. By any chance is fan you do have In there blowing at the affected plants, And the plants further back the ones that look fine? I'm new dude, all I can think of is wind burn.. Good luck
  18. Cheers mate and thanks for trying to help.. its more a less the opposite way round but they are still gettin a bit of breeze so there isn't too much heat on them.. I'm baffled on this mate it's doing my swede in lol

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