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Classmate so baked he falls...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wykyd_Green, May 10, 2011.

  1. This morning a few classmates and I planned a smoke sesh before psych class. The five of us smoked three blunts one of our classmates hasn't smoked in two weeks :eek:.

    He begins walking out to his car and all of the sudden he falls flat on his front side on a down grade. I ran over to em with a quickness and helped him up. I hysterically laughing until I was suddenly completely puzzled when he didn't know why he was on the ground but he was chill after that and drove us to the JC.

    Anyone comments :wave:?
  2. cool story bro...

    just kidding, that is hella funny, must've been a heavy indica. i dont know if i would have felt safe driving with him after but i guess it all worked out. how was class?
  3. So he falls flat on his face inexplicably...And you still let him drive?
  4. kids these days
  5. Yeah, I don't think I'd be cool with him driving me after that mishap. NOT TODAY MUTHAFUCKA
  6. I was under the impression that he fell in class. . .

    Still a good story though, 5 star post OP
  7. @TheFoxinator Class was fucking dope we watched a movie on active listening all period haha.

    @OscarZetaAcosta Yeah it seemed a little questionable at first but no one else seemed to care. And he was chill after he got up.


    Kids above the age of 20, cept for myself.
  8. You should have checked his blood pressure. I bet it either spiked or bottomed out for a second, and that was what caused him to fall. It's pretty common.
  9. hehe the good ole hit the ground routine.. it happens... seen it happen to friends, happened to me once, directly after a knife hit of some dank with a little bit of qwiso on top...

    i had a bottle, with a straw attached to the lid that worked perfectly for knife hits, the bottle acted as a chamber (the bottom was cut off) and i milked it like just right.... felt dizzy, last thing i remember was thinking how i really needed to let the smoke go.. then i woke up dazed and confused on the floor lol... my brother witnessed it all. he thought it was funny after he realized i was ok
  10. Haha that happened to me once when I first started smoking. Not sure if it was because of the weed though.
  11. #11 Sunsettoker, May 10, 2011
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    Was he sitting down recently for a while cause i have passed out like that and forgotten how I got there. But if he was sitting for a while then it could have been oxygen deprivation because his heart didnt speed up quick enough may sound really dangerous but it's not no harm is done unless you fall face first on cement.
  12. Yupp he was lounging on the couch half way thru the sesh.
  13. thats fucking nothing, like 3 months ago i had a sesh with 6 people, we smoked 6 blunts, the nicotine buzz was so strong and i was so fucking blitzed that i couldnt keep my balance or walk straight, and everything looked like i was in a cartoon world.
  14. The first time I smoked out, I almost hit my ass on the floor. Happens to everyone.

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