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  1. does any one know of the canadian rapper classified
    he makes some good shit
    raps about stuff that really happens in life not just a bunch of bull shit like some rappers ie. lil wayne, soulja boy
  2. Only song I've ever heard is "Beatin' It"

    It's hot.
  3. thats a good one but he has alot better
  4. Well like what? I'm all about new music, just point me in the right direction...album titles, whatever.
  5. check out all about you, no mistakes, fall from paradise,high school behavior
  6. Did you just compare Lil Wayne to Soulja Boy?

    Your credability as someone to rate rap has been denied. Even a Wayne hater knows they are on two ENTIRELY different levels.
  7. i wasent comparing them i was saying two rappers who dont make good rap

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