Claritin... is it addicting ?

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  1. Ive taken 2-3 or three claritin a day for like 5 years because the normal dose just doesn't cut it for my allergies now I read online that its abuseable and you actually can have withdrawal symptoms from it ?

    I never felt anything from them... Im shocked I thought they were so harmless.

    I popped them like tylenol because I had no idea they were that strong would I have withdrawal symptoms from taking them.
  2. I've never personally heard of this.

    And I know a few people who have taken it.

    But then again - I don't take it myself, so I can't be 100% sure.
  3. You must have insane allergies...2 or 3 a day?
  4. ^^^ Good point, also.

    I can't say I've ever known anyone who takes THAT much.
  5. I just use the MJ for my allergies.
  6. Yea when I get them they are REALLY bad.
  7. its like a nasal spray type of addiction.
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    I'm going to say yes to this one.

    Claritin is a allergy medication... Allergy medications thin your 'mucus' allowing it to dry up and or drain better. But in this process, it also thins every other liquid in your body that it can... Including your blood. This isn't really a bad thing, though. But you can feel the difference if you take them regularly. I got addicted to another type of sinus medication, but they are all the same (generally). I wouldn't take 3 a day. If your blood gets thin, after you wing-off of claritin, it will thicken back up. However, if your body gets used to it being thin, it won't get as think as it once was. [I won't get into it, but this has to do with blood-cell count.]

    Not to mention, when your blood is thin you do bleed longer. So if something unfortunate were to happen that caused you to bleed (even a nice cut), I was told by the doctor that you could bleed to death[but this is obvious, just think about it]. I'm sure the chances are low, but they are higher than if your blood wasn't as thin...

    So yeah. They are addictive. (Too much of anything can make you an addict. Especially if it alters how your body feels. And from my previous sinus-pill-experiences, they made me feel great.) And they aren't somthing you want to be addcted to.
    Hope this help, bud.


    Oh, and, there is no reason to be taking 3. If your sinuses are that bad, you probably have an infection. Go get a shot. Hopefully you aren't taking them to just get "fncked" up. :smoking:

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