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  1. I would just like to be sure that everyone in here knows, that in spite of the floro post lmao, i am a very nice guy, i just think it is silly that people come to a great source of info like this looking for advice and when they get it, they lash out because it is not what they wanted to hear. I am a member of 6 grow forums from african violets to orchids to MJ. I have NEVER run into this type of a situation before ever, so if i offended anyone with my remark of honesty I am truly sorry please accept my appologies. I would never say anything that was untrue or unproven by my grows first, i have grown under every light and in every condition possible, my first MJ grow was made from an old office chair and i was using incadessents at 14. I learned from thren untill now what werks and what does not werk so well.
    I also spent 6 years of my life and 100,000 dollars in loans to get my masters in Botanical engineering and agriculture. I try to share this info for free, and when someone says it is moronic it just rteally hits me wrong as i am sure you can imagine:) So I will stay away from those posts from here out cuz it is a waste of my time and of you alls bandwith.
  2. thats the net for you.......especially when it comes to around we could use some input, some of us will have debates and agree, and some will agree to disagree......such is life..........i try to keep my opinion to myself sometimes when it is a topic such as fluros v HPS, as any good grower knows what the answer sometimes it is a genuine question, and needs answered, i just try to give the best info to the best of my knowledge, and keep the peace as well..........welcome to the city.......Peace out.......Sid
  3. Right on Sid, i guess i need to go back to chillin in the advanced grow forums where i will not be insulted for my knowledge. I would love to continue to come in here once in a while but do not think i will be here much more.
  4. All you need to understand my friend is that people have to learn to grow :D So what if they start with fluro lights ???..let the ones that know how to grow that way answer the questions .l grow hydro in cocofibre :D. Stick around and don,t take things so personal,and if ya see something wrong in the forums let a mod know.Have a great day friend.
  5. I did do that, i am a mod on three other forums, so i know my etiquite lol however is spelt, i just think for some reason this particular forum pulls alot of disrespectful youngsters. Nothing against learning, i started with incadesents, but as soon as someone told me why not to use them and risk getting arrested for a couple of leaves, to save my "allowance" lmao and get some "good floros" funny enough, i did just that, i have not tryed to insult anyonei guess i might just chill in the advanced forums and let the middies handle the nu-bs around here and take care of my "grasshopper" from my other forum. great growers in here for sure props got ot grower, shade, stylezz, biggie, and there are others, oh yea woody, and others to but these guys come to mind. Maybe i will unleash a couple bombs of top secret dutch growing trends i picked up over my past 6 trips to the Dam in advanced so you all know i am not some pissy lil schmuck hahahaha. tata for now
  6. umm.juicyfruit @ 4 weeks flower.
  7. good show critter!!!! looks good to me

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