Claim seeks $100 million for child survivor of Connecticut school shooting

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  1. Claim seeks $100 million for child survivor of Connecticut school shooting - Yahoo! News

    100 million? Wow...
  2. I hope they loose their asses off and are laughed out of court. Hell, whoever filed that should be fined just for bringing it up!
  3. She is emotionally damages because there was cursing on the intercom and that's why they are suing?

  4. Welcome to America.
  5. I came here to say this.. beat me to it :mad:
  6. So the state has to give permission in order for someone to sue the state? Guess they don't want to make it to easy...

    It's a tragedy what happened at the school. It's just sickening someone would actually exploit their child for 100 million.

    I'd just be thankful it wasn't my child that was murdered.
  7. Give me a fucking break... what the hell were they supposed to do? Better not ever let your damn kid out of the house, because god knows most public places aren't adequately protected against an armed lunatic.

    100 million because your child heard shit over the intercom? What about the parents of the children who actually died? What the hell do they get?

    Opportunistic shitheads.
  8. wow 100 million dollars...for something heard over an intercom? how fucking stupid is that, chances are, her kid probally speaks like that too, and she doesn't know it....when i was a kid i cussed all the time, not when my parents were around, but just about every kid i known at the time was same
  9. I hope they lose hard and get painted as the money-grabbing douchebags they are. If the lawsuit was realistic, say $20,000 for therapy and shit, maybe it would be plausible.
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    This is exactly why America has problems. Fuck these people. Fuck em. Yeah, you and you're daughter are suing for 100 mil now? Good riddance her daughter shoulda just wound up getting killed in that attack.

    You guys want me to write a fucking college style thesis essay on why suing for money after surviving the attack, and for such stupid reasons besides, is like saying the prize of life isn't good enough? Im saying this just in case anyone responds and tells me I'm being too harsh.

    This bitch needing a 100 million dollar sum of other peoples lifeblood is a disgrace. Sometimes Its times like this that I think, wow, Hitler's frustrations really were the right idea... even the cripples and mentally unstable, throw em all out cuz this is what they do. They are parasites who will just bring life for the rest of us down.

    Maybe I could understand getting the bitch free counseling and therapy... but what else can you do for her? Giver her meds or some shit? Make her live a totally not normal life now all because everyone is gonna let this attack turn her life upside down? Or is her life not upside down.. the parents just found the perfect excuse to get $$$


    I mean I feel bad for these people you know but I can't even find the fucking time to feel bad for myself lately let alone agree that this little bitch should get 100 million dollars all because she was involved in a real, almost surrealistic experience. Sorry, this just means that your shining baby daughter has now been reduced, lessened, rendered, a shell that is no longer what she once was, that could never handle life. And we have to fucking pay for for that?


    Or maybe I should get more of that, "sacrifice any resource to help or save a life. Do anything to help someone" sort of philosophy.

  11. Woah woah man smoke a bowl and the reread your post.

  12. lol im chillin
  13. Id get shot for $100 million
  14. reasonably i could understand in the thousands of dollars, but 100 million? that right there tells everybody they care more about the money, than their daughter.....

  15. Would you get killed for 100 million dollars?

  16. It's just some opportunist lawyer from New Haven. It's not being filed by any of the parents, or any community members of Newtown.

    Anyone can sue anyone for anything.

    I think referring to an elementary aged child as a "little bitch" because of the actions of some scumbag lawyer is pretty fucking low. Especially when you are clearly too lazy to even read the facts.
  17. this shit happens ever day in America, people sueing for their own gain... its fucking sickening

  18. Well I don't know how a lawyer could sue for 100 million dollars for someone who didn't even want it or ask for it. W/e this is the kinda bullshit I'm sick of putting up with. You tell me, Penelope, how could this lawyer go about doing this?
  19. The lawyer is a bottom feeder. If they settle out of court for a million, he gets 300 to 500 grand.

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