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  1. I've been living in the city and recently I've moved to my Mum and Dad's farm, a good 3hrs south. Bascially I'm in the middle of nowhere. In this big old creaky house on the banks of a river. It's over 100 yrs old. It's so beautiful and so cars zooming in the background, beeps, honks, truck breaks sueaking to hault at the lights, then taking off...changinging gears with a grunt and a's never ending!

    I just went outside and had quick smoke, everyones asleep...and fuckin' hell, it's pitch black mate, can't see a thing out there. Not like the city, it's always lit up, enough to see.

    The air here is filled with sounds of frogs and crickets calling to each other, cattle moving....bushes moving....shit load of movement out there. I started to spin out...back inside now...been sitting here for a while drinking my hot milo...bit cold here. shit there is something moving in the wall next to the something a possam mabey?....noisy thing what ever it is. Must be cold too.

    Yes, well I'm pretty stoned .. :)

    Where do you guys live? City or country??
  2. I'm sitting in the office 24/7, getting mad, realy need to chill, man you make it sound so beautiful, the Silence......The Stars

    Damn, I miss nature, this city sometimes realy gets on my nerves. I recently had a conversation with a friend that people from the city realy are lossing touch with the earth, yuo know what I mean?

    Peace out

    SJ in the City
  3. I live in the mountains over looking a huge valley. I wish I had a scanner so I could show you guys how gorgeous our view is. It's in the middle of ass-fuck no where, but it's home and I love it. I went back to the city where I used to live not to long ago, and it just made me appreciate it out here so much more. If you've never lived in the country, you're missin' out.
  4. The nearest house to me is at least 2600 feet. I like being back away from all the noise and people. Most of the time when someone comes down my drive, They'er LOST! I go out at night to smoke and all i hear are frogs, crickets, birds and stuff. I love being in the back woods!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i live out in the country, i'm down in a valley, it used to be a old town but now its just a house or two here and there again. I like it that i rarely ever see the police drive by, but the country has made me depressed because theres no around, i have almost no friends, the ones i do have i only see in school. I have a gf but its about the same with her, i never get to see her because her parents hate me and i don't live close enough to sneak by at night.
  6. i live right outside of the city. The town is small and quaint, but city is only have an hour away. we live right off the lake in a small neighborhood. I look at the back windows...walk out on the deck..and stand over the water just watching the small waves roll.

    I live in this small little town in washington behind me is the pass were us stoners like to get fucked up and go bording in the winter. since my small town is in a vally below the pass it is a big time drug stop for dealers that just smuggled there crop from accross the canadian border. so we get preety good weed for a small town and it is vary easy to find.
  8. i live on an island in the sticks near charlottetown, its harder to get weed in the sticks

  9. Are you from north bend?
  10. I have to say I'm a country girl..........born and raised that way and I'l probably die that way!!! LOL. I basically live in the middle of nowhere and if you don't have a 4 wheel drive truck, then you will have a good 5 mile walk to my house. I love it but living in such a small community, I have to drive a good hour and a half to my workplace and everyone knows everyone's business around here. Sometimes I just sit and think and it's becomes obvious that this town was lost in the 50s and it kinda reminds me of those reruns of Andy Griffith.
  11. well, i live pretty much in the middle of butt fuck nowhere. this town is an hours drive, on dirt, to the nearest town with a liquor store. it's a three and a half hr drive to the nearest "city" with a mall.

    but, i'm surrounded by water for as far as the eye can see and farther (i live on the churchill river). there's lots and lots of wildlife. it's pretty much peaceful and boring all the time.

    i so can't wait to go back to work!!!
  12. shit man, i live in a developed middle of no where...kinna like it where is half an hours away, and center city s 30 mins bike ride...all good...if i had to choose...well i would chosee a mixture of during week, and country relaxing on sunday after a good night our in the city on saturday,....hahah i wish!

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