city dreams?

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  1. i was walking down this old dirt road ti had rained a few hours ago and the buddles were full of freash rainwater the rain still driped from the trees ! the rain has gaven way to the sunness of the morning warm with in it self as i walk to and fro not to step in the water and get my feet wet! a ways down the road is two small bridges and the rain has filled the streams full with this gift of life that has fallen from the sky above ! birds sing around me as walk ,i stop to light this sweeten cannbis how i long for the freedom of mind and the softness of its freedom to my spirit ,i walk a ways and look down it is half gone i dont remember takeing the frist hit not even the secound i look down agin and awake ! was i dreaming i know not for it is not the dream that makes me wonder just the way i forgot to take off my wet shoe's that after the walk setting in my favortie chair and takeing off my shoes i wonder how could i think i was dreaming if my feet are wet or are they ,if i was dreaming would i know i was ,maybe ,maybe not so i trun on the tv to watch something ,is their anything good on! something is wrong no chanles come in ! that funny i shut the tv off ,well i guess i well see if any one is on the computer as i walk to the kitchen and set down i look up to see it is dark out side where mintes ago it was day time ! and now the snow is falling and the wind blow from the coldness of winter ! i know i am dreaming now but i hate to stop it when it is a free path to the unknow and beyond i ask my self agin am i dreaming i am not realy sure ! the computer comes on and i sign in and boot up window ill check my email frist ,but in the back of my mind the city is calling me i here them spirits when they sleep their spirits are sleepwalking to they are dreaming as well the page laods up and the site is alive breath takeing as hunders are on at the same time i am over welmed by the members that are playing in the ink are they all dreaming do they realy see me ,i look closer to only vanish into the ink,was i dreaming ,were they ?
  2. God i wish a had dreams, dream that made sense, dreams that had depth, dreams i would remember.
  3. i thank all is a dream! it only to know it when we awake!
  4. Dreams are crazy how one minute you are driving down the road in your car and the next second you are flying. It is fun whenever you are dreaming and then you realize you are dreaming. Lucid dreams. I have them all the time, even when I realize they are dreams they still feel real though. Dreams are so intense, you can really feel the wind going through your hair and you can feel your stomach turn whenver you fall off a cliff. I look forward to dreams.
  5. Oh to sleep, perchance to Dream!! Peace rainman. :smoke:
  6. is life but a dream?
  7. If life is a dream, than when we go to sleep are those sub dreams inside the larger dream? I guess they would have to be. But if life is a dream than why do we have dreams when we sleep at night?

    If life is a dream, then it is one big complex amazing one.

    But why can't we fly if it is a dream, we can fly in our other dreams????
  8. If this is a dream,... does that meen weed dosen't exist in reality? It might not.
    I hope never to wake.
  9. my dreams are just clean odd. My last one..(less than a week ago)...I was swimming with some friends in a local lake then a mass of cops started running down the hill to come get us..all my friends got caught..i got out of the lake and hopped into some yards..a lady started yelling so I took out a pistol and shot her in the head and kicked her dog. Then I just hopped some fences and ran down some blocks that I've never seen in real life..then I asked some1 where I was and they told me I was in Dublin Ireland. Try explaining that one =)
  10. strong weed what strain dude ?lol
  11. Hi-Mids..called Murdas around here
  12. sitting in the dark
    on a broken chair
    watching the rain fall
    listening to the sky let lose her tears
    giving her a shoulder to cry on
    i wipe her tears from my face
    and we go on together in spite of them all
    when the world has turned its back on her
    she knows she still fills my dreams

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