Cinderella 99 seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by DopedUpFarmBoy, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. I checked Dr.Chronic and Rhino Seeds but I have yet to find C99. I googled that shizz too. I really want to try this stuff for my first grow (which will be a while off cause I need to buy some more supplies). It seems like it's a really fucking rad strain. Anyone know where to buy seeds from? I wish HS was still around :(
  2. HempDepOT no experience with this site.. and they dont have c99 but they have several of the hybrids.. c99/ak47 c99/nl c99/w.e i cant imagine any of those isnt worth trying ;)
  3. Wallyduck on has several Cindy crosses but no pure unfortunately. Don't know what seedbank you can get them from but Spice Brothers and Joey Weed are both breeders that have C99 if you can find a source. And yes C99 is a very awesome strain.
  4. l am a long time grower. I have tried many strains over the last 25 years and find Cinderella 99 a favorite of mine. I have a 4 year old pack from either Heavens stairwell or Gypsy Nirvana.. Not really sure were it came from.... But we have had C99 for years and singled out the female... now it is time to find the best male from these last seeds available.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the gentleman who came up with this strain is no longer in business as the goverment is after him and unfortunately he has "left the house".... is on the run..or was on the run.... very sad it should have to be like this....

    But we have tried numerous strains over the years and this is indeed one of the very best for me... I also have a singled out White widow that is a extremely fine strain-
    Also Blueberry- but I do not believe I have the "real deal" blueberry..Actually ..I know it is not the original.
    The problem mant times is stain variation and receiving "knockoffs" that are just not the "real deal"...

    If left on a island with only one strain of seeds grow... I would probably go with C99- Jack Herer would be great also but ..extra time- and much more finicky... anyway C99 is of JH and turned out wonderful.Not nearly as finicky and way quicker...
    If you do go with Cross - Definitely go with the C99- Northern lights ... we have tried this strain and came up with good results... of course, so much depends one the growers technic's and what was exactly crossbred.

    I would have to say that it is probably not possible anymore to receive the original C99. I do not believe it is commerically available.

    If I am mistaken,please do let me know. But unless some vendor has some old stock- it is not going to be found.

    My attempt now is to get some F1's out of this final pack. {cross the best male c99 with our best living C99 that we have had for many years...
  5. Apparently, the Nottingham Seed Bank has some C99 seeds for £40.00 per 10 seeds. Has anyone ever ordered from the NSB?
  6. I'm not sure what I want now :p I'm considering either C99 or a C99xApollo 11 mix. Here's some info on the cross:
    "Here we have a cross between two highly acclaimed plants. The mother was Brother's Grimm Cinderella-99 shown up above and the father was Apollo 11. C-99 is very well known for being super potent, having a mild citrus aroma and never giving hermies. Apollo 11 has an up happy high with a high calyx to leaf ratio. It, like C99 has a faint lemoney smell. The cross is easy to clone and combines the sativa high from cinderella99 with the happy stone from apollo11. The buds are tight and dense. Expect it to finish in 8 weeks or less."
    No matter what I choose, I'm pretty sure that I'll be completely pleased :smoke:

  7. You can get C-99 seeds from Joey Weed Seeds for $50.00 per pack.
    They are EXCELLENT F2s. :hello:

    Click Here to see Joey Weed's page.
  8. carries joey weed as probably a few other banks do. it's sad because just a year or so ago, C99 was available all over from $25 feminized 5 packs & $5 singles to half a dozen knockoffs.

    i happened to get my C99 splash from spice brothers just after they stopped restocking. i went with that one because they were out of original & i liked the idea of a little bit of potent and trippy pure sativa added to it.

    C99 has been described a few times as being alot like diesel, but with subtler tastes and aromas. she's stealthier and ALOT cheaper though.

    A11 is a cross of C99 with a jack herer pheno called genius. it's trippy and stealthy like C99 but is more laid back and euphoric vs. cindy's racy paranoia.

    super silver haze & jack herer use the same exact 3 strains but in different breeding orders and have been reported to be related to cindy. the best i can guess from all of my C99 research is that jack and SSH lean more towards skunkiness & couchlock than C99.

    the very thing that makes C99 my favorite strain (without testing yet) is because she smokes like a real sativa, but grows compact & stealthy for practical indoor grows.

    i only have 3-4 C99 beans left and will be using a male from that to breed with EVERYTHING else i grow when i get up and running. as much as the strain appears to be extintc in a couple years, it needs to be preserved.

    C99 is one refined and well behaved "sativa" and i do so love trippy and energetic sativas. i miss those old 1980s type highs.

    OH... i just found out, reeferman is carrying C99 too
  9. How long did it take to get seeds from Hemp Depot?
  10. :hello: We were over at Jack's today, looking through his bean collection, and every time we found a cross with C-99 in it his eyes would light up and he'd smack his lips, LOL.

    C-99 must be some pretty good stuff.
  11. That crazy Duck, Wally, has some Cinderella99 x Panama Red.

    I think I'm call it Lady In Red when I finally get them delivered.
  12. the reasons that some of us like C99 so much is that we're sativa lovers and indica haters, but pure sativas are impossible to grow indoors because they get too big, but C99 is trippy, speedy and even paranoid like a big sativa, but is quick and compact like an indica, but doesn't stink like one either. as far as i'm concerned, i like EVERYTHING i've read about her including her stealthy floral odor and yummy pineapple flavor.

    even if they're related & more popular, i wouldn't touch super silver haze & jack herer because they're skunkier and more couchlocking.

    BTW, if you're put off by cindy's sometimes paranoid edge, consider her son apollo 11. A11 is trippy, but EUPHORIC and mellow with a lemony flavor. that's one of C99's better crosses for the trippy high lovin' crowd anyways.

    C99's high is supposed to be ALOT like the super popular sour diesel, but many claim that gas flavored strain tastes better, i just can't picture diesel fuel and lemons being tasy myself. oh well. besides, that strain likes to skunk it up too and just smelling like skunk is enough reason for me not to like a strtain so deep is my contempt for indicas.
  13. ^^ With my limited experience with the diesel that diesely oily gasoline aroma doesn't transfer to a oily gasoline flavor, but seems to transfer as that sour pungency which makes the diesel flavor one of kind.. It has loads of flavor very much like a good c99 pheno, but with an intense flavor/scent I haven't experienced in another strain. Something with the terpenes most likely limonene/pinene of that strain make my nostrils flair and nose hairs stand at attention, and mouth salivate. I really think diesel like another memorable scent/flavor the road kill skunk have a lil something going on there with the terpenes that makes those flavors/scents so strong/memorable to us.

    I have habit of as I'm picking the seeds from a seed crop I eat the the clayx that sometimes comes off with the seed;).. Don't ask me why, but one by one I eat them all. Like I said a habit LOL:smoke:.... I notice with the diesel strains I get a mouth numbing unlike any other strain, I eat raw:p

    As for c99 it's as great as you'll are saying it is in my experience. Up there with the Diesel and relatives chemdog/og kush, the c99/jack herer/apollo and all it's crosses is where I'd look for some good personal smoke.. I love good tasting strains with some balls... On another note Rezdog from reservoir seeds has a genius backcross in the works, and he mentioned on icmag he'll be doing more c99 x sour diesel which sounds badass huh:smoke: rezdog certainly has a good c99 cut, so maybe if more of us ask for the c99 he'll get it done.. Lots of people requesting it already in his up and coming thread on icmag.
  14. i must admit, the potent "lemonhead" part of diesel flavor does sound yummy, i'm all for intense flavors myself. that's why kali mist is my second favorite strain. it tastes like straight up crushed red pepper when you smoke it. i'd smoke just for the taste alone, but it's energetic and euphoric high is awesome too.

    the general consensus IS that sour-D & OG kush are two of the tastiest strains in the world.

    maybe i'd change my mind if i ever smoked or vaped some sour-d and discovered it DOESN'T taste like a can of gasoline like i picture it.

    BTW, i love chewing on tasty stems myself once in a while myself just because they taste good.

    if you haven't tried it yet, you'd LOVE vaporizing! it tastes just like chewing on a bud.
  15. It took me a little less than 2 weeks to get my seeds from HempDepot. I'm in the NorthEast.
  16. How about some replies from you folks out there who have grown and/or
    smoked C-99? :wave:
  17. C99 was one of the first strains I grew. I found that I didn't get as much off of it as the other strains I had, but the quality was first rate.

    It seemed to grow very fast and without much effort. I ended up having two distinct phenotypes, including the coveted 'pinapple' phenotype... I can tell you first hand that C99 is an extremely potent high and I would recommend it to anybody.

    We ended up making honey oil out of most of the plants, because they were so small. (they could have got bigger but we flowered them early). The oil that we got off them made people who had smoked weed for their whole life ask what the hell it was.

    Honestly it was the best oil that I have ever smoked, and given the chance I would pay upwards of $300 a gram for it (if i had the money to burn). All it took was getting a little bit of it on the head of a pin to make you wired and if you did two or three you were blasted for hours. (some of the people I shared it with told me that they were still feeling the effects the next day).

    The nickname that my one friend came up for it was 'christmas orange oil' because of the extremely citrus taste (that to him tasted like a mandarin orange) and it's bright orange color... Lol one night I smoked up a bunch of people at a party; I had brought along the movie Sin City, and none of the people had seen it before. I then gave them all at least 2 hoots of it; and when it finally took hold of them (after about 15 min) they were almost freaking out at the movie... I don't think anybody said a word after getting laced on it. Everybody was just completly lost.

    I still have those people comming up to me and commenting on it. It was a once in a life time experiance for them.
  18. yeah... NOTHING makes movies and music more enjoyable than a nice trippy strain that makes everything seem more real.

    i remember back when i was getting thai when i first started smoking, i smoked some with a seasoned high school buddy and once he caught a buzz listening to tunes on my car stereo, he remarked "wow! this is some good shit!"

    that's my whole reason for wanting to grow my C99 splash & (A11g X lien huanh) X A11g etc. beans. i totally miss those trippy days before i ever heard about freakin' annoying couchlock!
  19. Cindy can be stretchy and the stems are usually a bit weak. I never got huge yields but they weren't terrible. The odor is very low and floral/fruity and doesn't smell like your typical MJ plant much at all. The resultant bud has a top-notch flavor, smell, and buzz. I recommend it highly.

    Here's a couple of pics of a LST'd C99
    C99 on the left.

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