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Cindarella 99 Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sicore, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. This strain has eluded me for so long...but at last I have a nice fat chunk of Colorado C99 to admire. Has a very strong sweet and slightly fruity (like pineapple?) smell that just absolutely hypnotizes me. Looks gorgeous, light green and glistening with trichomes. Haven't smoked this yet but I hope the buzz matches an almost perfect looking bud. This 2.5g bud cost me $25. Enjoy the pictures guys, sorry they aren't the best.

    p.s. Entertaining the idea of a stash thread? Let me know what ya think




  2. Thats some heady buds :bongin:
  3. mmmmmmm looks delicious...
  4. Very nice pick up.

    C99 is an amazing strain. I got a hold of a clone of her this summer and boy is she a perfect strain to grow. I had no idea how good this strain was when I got the clone. Just a lucky pick. Now I'm ditching most of my other strains to grow this and just a few others next year. No need to grow much else when you have Cindy in the garden. I'm thinking C99, Green Crack and Purple Urkle, and that will make a nice selection. Enjoy the buds man. I can't wait until my next harvest. The smell is intoxicating. Not like any other strain.
  5. That looks great!
  6. damn that's a nice batch of bud! good looks brotha

  7. This.

    I can't stop sticking my nose in the jar. The taste is just like the smell as well. An incredible fruity hashy taste that words can't describe. Great heady high too.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Think I'm in love with Cindy <3
  8. that's some dank ya got there buddo. +rep on your pretty buds :D

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